New chairman of the board announced at MOBOTIX

Dr. Ralf Hinkel

Ralf Hinkel

MOBOTIX AG’s founder Ralf Hinkel is handing over the chairmanship of the board to the current chief sales officer (CSO), Magnus Ekerot, for personal reasons, effective 1 October.

Ekerot will head the company as chief executive officer (CEO) with the responsibility for Sales and Marketing departments. Together with Oliver Gabel as chief technical officer (CTO) and Klaus Gesmann as chief financial officer (CFO), the Management Board will consist of three persons in the future.

“By handing over the chairmanship of the board to Ekerot, I am now carrying out the long-prepared change in the top management of our company, which I had already announced in September 2010 when Ekerot joined the company,” said Hinkel.


Magnus Ekerot

Magnus Ekerot had left his position as the general manager of a subsidiary of the publicly listed Swedish display manufacturer Beijer Electronics Products AB of Sweden to move to the Palatinate in Rheinland Pfalz.

Because of his previous leading position at the camera manufacturer AXIS Communications AB, he has brought extensive experience to the business operations of MOBOTIX AG.

In the past years, Ekerot has been responsible for and successfully developed the further globalization of the MOBOTIX sales structures, especially by implementing the Global Partner Network.

Hinkel will continue to be involved in the company as the majority shareholder and therefore will have significant influence on the company strategy and product development. Furthermore, Hinkel emphasizes that there are no sales negotiations taking place at the moment and no intentions to sell.

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