New box-type 5Megapixel IP camera BC-5010 launched by AirLive

The Airlive BC-5010

The Airlive BC-5010

Surveillance solutions manufacturer AirLive has announced the new 5 Megapixel box-type IP cam BC-5010, complete with changeable lens.

AirLive introduced 5Megapixel IP camera BC-5010 in classical box-type shape with the new low-lux sensor and the new video processor, which makes the picture crisp and smooth, with the maximum resolution of 2592×1920 pixels and minimum ambient light level of only 0.2LUX. An interesting novelty of AirLive BC-5010 is the possibility of easy upgrade with the dualband wireless module, which can be plugged in common USB connector ready provided in BC-5010’s body.

Advantage of box-type body cameras is their versatility, interchangeable lenses and given the option of buying durable waterproof enclosures for outdoor use. It is not different by AirLive BC-5010. Given that this cam supports both C and CS mount type lens and automatic iris, it can be configured for many different needs and mounting scenarios. Of course it offers a wide range of modern systems, that can be seen in many new AirLive camera models, such as Wide Dynamic Range-system providing automatic balance between dark and bright scene parts in tricky lighting conditions, or Clear Motion Technology, which prevents picture blur caused by fast moving objects. Body of the camera includes a microSD slot for simple local picture data backup, manual IR-cut and active PoE (according 802.3af), eliminating need for electric connection at installation site, and many other useful features.

AirLive BC-5010 is one of the first models equipped with a brand new user interface SecurSense, developed by AirLive, bringing even easier operation with a larger number of controlled functions and improved compatibility with different web browsers. Along with the camera comes software utility CamPro Express 64, which let the user view and record video from multiple connected devices simultaneously. For the highest demands can be purchased the CamPro Professional software, developed and supported by AirLive, containing a variety of advanced picture analysis methods and user definable alarms and triggers.

A great selection of interchangeable lens with different parameters makes AirLive BC-5010 very versatile tool for use in almost any situation.

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