New 1TB free storage NVR’s from Plustek offer faster transmission rate

Plustek monitoring

Plustek monitoring

Plustek monitoring

Plustek announces its data transportation breakthrough via Dual Giga Lan as well as free storage up to 1TB for smoother picture quality and simultaneous channels for live monitoring and recording.

Plustek’s innovative Linux embedded Standalone NVR has surpassed the current market existing transmission speed limit by adapting Dual Giga LAN. This also means that after prioritizing different monitoring areas, the choice is flexible to select a relative definition quality such as 1.3 Megapixel, VGA or other types of higher resolution accordingly for each area. This feature allows users from all over the world to go through a double GIGA tunnel rather than the conventional Standalone and PC-based NVR. This solution is 10 times faster in terms of transmission rate, without distorting the video quality, yet achieves simultaneous live monitoring without congestion, multiple channels remote back-up and reoccurring alarm notification! Plustek’s proprietary product DVR-II Video Server allows the existing CCTV structure to remain untouched while migrating to a NDVR system. This increases the probability of future development while saving a large number of coaxial cables wiring costs.

One of Plustek NVR biggest feature is that all standalone NVR are already customized with a 320G-1TB of HDD, regardless of using Megapixel or VGA IP devices, or adding to the original Analog cameras. Plustek H.264, MPEG4, and M-JPEG compression technology can provide free and sufficient storage days, saving the user time and money during purchasing.

With Plustek back end management software Multi-manager, it can connect to the entire Plustek products lines of up to 128 cameras, support larger clients that require features such as Powerful authority group management access, backup and export scheduling controls. Plustek NVR4300 support a variety of well-known brands in the market such as AXIS, ACTi, Asoni, ALLnet, Basler, Etrovision, iPux, Mobotix, Pelco, Panasonic, SONY, and VIVOTEK. Users can select the right product according to the characteristics of the subject matter.

About Plustek
The worlds leading image and IP surveillance solution provider. The company manufactures and ships high quality security & imaging products to buyers worldwide. In business since 1986, Plustek began as an OEM for many large companies, producing innovative lines including scanners, NVRs, servers and imaging products. Through dedicated design innovation with strict and high quality manufacturing standards, Plustek has grown to become one of the largest image solution providers in the world.  In addition to sales and supporting offices worldwide, China-based factories and offices provide just-in-time manufacturing and superior engineering. This allows Plustek to introduce outstanding new products to the market in high quality and outstanding after sales services.


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