NETAVIS video surveillance solution secures Abraj Al Bait Towers in Mecca

Since 2006 NETAVIS Observer Enterprise Edition manages the video surveillance solution in one of the largest construction projects on the planet due to the security of thousands of pilgrims. The skyscraper complex Abraj Al Bait Towers in Mecca hosts around 2.200 cameras, currently in the lobby of a luxury hotel as well as in elevators leading to private apartments located in one of the seven towers. Also the four story shopping area in the basement, with its 800 vehicles parking area, is covered too.

The IP video solution is highly compliant with security and IT applications, therefore it is smoothly adaptable to project specific conditions and requirements. High performance functionalities like ABS and others allow for extraordinary hardware capacity utilization and thus reduce investment as well as running costs. Every main building unit has its dedicated server room for the security staff with video walls for live monitoring. Consequently, some more thousand cameras will be deployed in the next years. Additionally, there are discussions today to benefit from integrated video analytics tools of NETAVIS in the future.

NETAVIS Scalability

Many big projects are starting small – and NETAVIS Software is aware of that. Ever since, the open server architecture provides highest flexibility to customer needs. Its unlimited scalability of installations covers two dimensions. Every NETAVIS video solution can be extended easily by the deployment of additional hardware components like cameras, servers or storage and appropriate license keys. This is especially interesting for step by step integration of subsidiaries, multiple project phases or simply to be open and flexible for the future. More Information about Observer Editions is to be found on our Website.

The second dimension of high adaptability refers to video solution functionalities. On the one hand it is very easy to integrate third party applications via open interfaces like SNAP, URL command or I/O commands. On the other hand, additional NETAVIS modules like NETAVIS CarReader number plate recognition or video analytics by NETAVIS iCAT and NETAVIS FaceDetection can be installed at any time without much effort. More information about NETAVIS modules is to be found on our Website.


NETAVIS at WienWin Talk Logistics and Facility Management

NETAVIS was invited to contribute to „WienWin” city talk „Logistic and Facility Management“ at the port of Vienna on December 3rd, 2012. CEO Wolfgang Baumgartner discussed the proceeding merge of security topics with requirements and processes of IT departments. The second main development in video surveillance is the growing relevance of video analytics and its ability to add real business value to video installations. As an example he presented the successful customer case Port of Tallinn. Special thanks to the hosts ZIT Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien and Hafen Wien for the professional organization and the felicitous afternoon. More information about the mentioned customer case Port of Tallin is to be found on our Website.



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