Nedap SENSIT enables smart bus parking in Singapore

Nedap SENSIT enables smart bus parking in Singapore

Nedap SENSIT enables smart bus parking in Singapore

The Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange in Singapore serves over 400.000 passengers every day. It needed a smart bus parking solution so Nedap SENSIT, the leading smart parking platform, was installed. The implemenation was realised by Eaglevision.

The station required a smart bus parking solution for an efficient traffic flow due to this large number of passengers. SENSIT offers real-time occupancy information of all individual bus parking spaces at the station. This real-time information enables easy guidance of buses to the nearest available parking space.

400.000 passengers per day
With 400.000 passengers every day, Singapore’s Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange is the third biggest bus station in Singapore. As this regional bus interchange will undergo addition and alteration works, a temporary interchange was introduced. It took over operations in March of 2016 and will serve passengers for three years. The Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange is located at Woodlands Town Centre. It serves the residential town of Woodlands, Marsling, Admiralty and surrounding industrial areas.Nedap SENSIT enables smart bus parking in Singapore

Innovative interchange station
The interchange is a temporary bus interchange station in which the latest technological solutions are featured. These features include CCTV which was installed above queue berths to alert interchange operators to crowds, so the operators can adjust bus arrivals accordingly.

Smart bus parking
Additionally, Nedap’s SENSIT sensors have been installed in individual parking spaces to easily guide bus captains to the nearest available parking bay. A large electronic panel shows the number of available parking spaces, so bus captains know exactly where they can park at the moment of arrival.

The bus parking bays, where 51 articulated buses and 10 rigid buses can be parked, have been equipped with SENSIT IR sensors and SENSIT Flush Mount sensors have been installed in the Alighting bays at the interchange.
Nedap’s SENSIT system consists of wireless bay-mounted sensors which detect the vehicle occupancy status and duration of parking events at individual parking spots. The system deploys a fast and robust wireless radio communication network which is essential in urban areas.

Nedap SENSIT enables smart bus parking in SingaporeCommented James Wang, Director of R&D, Eaglevision Software Pte Ltd: “SENSIT has proven to be a very highly accurate and stable solution, ensuring smooth traffic flow in a very busy traffic installation,”

Saving up to three minutes
This smart bus parking solution helps to boost safety as it reduces the likelihood of two drivers heading for the same parking lot. It also saves bus drivers the trouble of looking out for available parking and can save them about three minutes from the time they arrive at the interchange.


Business Development Manager at Nedap Identification Systems, Melvyn Teo, added:

“It is great to see the results of this smart bus parking solution in Singapore. Plus the solution is interesting to major Asian tourist cities in specific, as their bus terminal are always extremely busy and managing traffic is a real challenge.”

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