NEC Enables Analysis of Data and Detection of Unusual Activity

NEC Coporation

NEC CoporationNEC Corporation has announced the global launch of MAG1C™ (Multi AGencies, 1 Concert) solutions for analyzing information from sources that include social networking services, video and voice, as well as data from temperature, humidity and scent sensors, in order to detect signs of unusual activity.

The solutions are designed to strengthen the sharing of information between local government ministries, offices and related organizations and form a key part of NEC’s Safer Cities strategy for its public safety business. Using a wide variety of sensors, the solutions provide services that include the identification of altered videos or the detection of smoke. They are compatible with a broad range of data analysis engines, enabling them to provide automatic data analysis and risk prediction functions.

“NEC integrates advanced safety technologies such as the world’s top* biometrics matching technology, highly functional, high performance sensor technology, technologies to predict and analyse unusual signs using big data, as well as next-generation network technology that includes SDN/OpenFlow,” said Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director, Regional Competency Centre, Public Safety, NEC Corporation. “In addition, we strive to develop common solution models while strengthening local system integration capabilities and customer bases in order to accelerate global business.”

MAG1C solutions are available from June 2, 2014 and consist of the following seven functions: access control for user authentication; terminal data verification to verify the digital signatures and reliability of video data; detection of altered videos, terminal verification software to check the reliability surveillance camera devices; shared digital signage for emergency event notifications and management; a large media analysis platform that connects video and voice analysis engines; and an integrated data analysis Graphical User Interface for displaying video, 3D data and highly operable map applications.

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