Navtech Radar wins Detektor International Award for Alarm & Detection

DetIntAward_HCP_13 ADNavtech Radar have won the highly-commended Detektor International Award 2013 in the Alarm & Detection category with their AdvanceGuard AGS1600 EXTREME wide area surveillance and monitoring solution.

Launched in January 2013, the new AGS1600 EXTREME radar surveillance solution is specifically developed to cope with the environmental and climatic conditions found in oil & gas exploration. The system is completely integrated with the Navtech’s sophisticated intuitive control software suite, Witness. The solution works within an ambient temperature range of – 40°C to + 65°C, and explosion proof options are available as well as solutions entirely powered by solar panels.

The Detektor International awards were presented at the Security Banquet during SecTech in Stockholm on the evening of October 22nd, 2013.  The Jury cited their decision for choosing AGS1600 EXTREME for the award as follows:

AdvanceGuard AGS1600 Extreme Considered to be the most innovative product in this category by the Detektor International panel of judges.

“Navtech is taking technology in outdoor detection advancement to the next level”.

AGS1600 EXTREME Developed for Oil  Gas harsh environmentsKeith Chapman, head of global sales, Security of Navtech Radar said, “It is a true honour to win a Detektor International Award. To many people the use of Radar solutions for wide area surveillance purposes is still considered to be an ‘emerging technology’.  This is rapidly changing with the increased focus on early warning and prevention.  Particularly when it comes to perimeter security for critical infrastructure such as airports, power stations, border protection and data centres, to name but a few.

This recognition underlines the fact that Navtech’s technology solutions are truly unique and address a specific need in the market.  This is a very important award for us and gives recognition for the innovative and highly effective solutions we can offer.  As we continue to grow the market for Navtech’s products in new geographical markets, this high profile award is a phenomenal boost of confidence to the entire staff who are working so hard to secure our continued growth”.

The Detektor Award is an independent prize, and as such, companies cannot nominate their own products. Instead, the nomination is conducted by the editorial board of Detektor International Magazine. This independent selection criterion is the main reason why it has become one of the most prestigious awards in the global security market.

Detektor Awards selects – and judge – products divided into the following three award categories: the Access Control category, the Alarm & Detection category and the CCTV category.



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