Navtech Radar wide area solution on show outside TranSec 2013

The Navtech Landrover – parked on the corner of Olympia Road and Hammersmith Road – will give  show attendees first-hand experience of how the Navtech Radar and the sophisticated analytical software  works to deliver detection and tracking of activity outside the show.

At TranSec 2013, Navtech Radar will feature its award winning AdvanceGuard wide area surveillance solution in a live busy environment, in the middle of Hammersmith Road in Central London. AdvanceGuard will be shown with the analytical control software suite, Witness and integrated with the new Predator TC100 Day/Night camera from 360Vision.

Keith Chapman, Head of Global Sales, Navtech Radar

Keith Chapman, head of global sales, Navtech Radar

Keith Chapman, head of global sales at Navtech Radar, says, “At the show, we will be demonstrating our capability for wide area surveillance in an extremely demanding environment.  The key aim of the live demonstration is to show how the AdvanceGuard solution can detect, track people and vehicle movement over a wide area.  The Zone and rules based functionality within Witness, will illustrate how we can replace physical barriers with ‘virtual gates’ that allow unrestricted movement, thus enabling the end user to monitor activity and potential threats. With virtually no limit to the complexity of the rules that can be applied in Witness, a level of pseudo-intelligent monitoring can be introduced that closely mimics a human observer.”

Specifically developed to cope with the surveillance requirements found around Critical National Infrastructure such as airports, power plants, refineries and more, radar is the ideal solution for the surveillance of large areas outdoor areas. Navtech has completed several airport projects over the past year – Bristol Airport in the UK being one of them – and several European Airport surveillance solutions are currently under installation or in the process of being commissioned. Recent incidents of airport perimeter intrusions are fuelling a noticeable increase in the number of enquiries for AdvanceGuard.  Able to cope with adverse environmental conditions, wind, snow, rain, fog, or sand has very little effect on the Navtech solution, and so does not influence its ability to detect any potential threats – whereas other technologies based on visual images would often fail to detect.

Navtech Radar Landrover 10-10-2013The AdvanceGuard solution enables sites under surveillance to be divided into multiple zones with varying threat and detection levels, identifying and classifying the movement of multiple targets within the range of the radar which are in turn recorded within an audit log. The benefit of such analytical software means the system can be configured to manage – and greatly reduce – the number of false or nuisance alarms, while still giving security the best possible advanced warning and tracking of genuine, real time intrusion within a site and or the approaches to its perimeter.

Navtech Radar will be exhibiting the live AdvanceGuard solution from the Landrover outside Olympia, and they can also be found at the show on stand K33.  

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