Navtech Radar Announces NavCover+

Navtech Radar has announced the launch of a brand new customer service initiative named NavCover+, as part the company’s drive towards offering a superior warranty service to all customers. With the new initiative, Navtech Radar aims to provide customers with the option of a prolonged service agreement with differing levels of support and response times.

Greg Thomlinson, Customer Service Manager at Navtech Radar, says, “We are delighted to announce the NavCover+ customer support scheme. It is a central part of Navtech Radar’s long term plan for the enhancement of our customer service across all of our sophisticated technology solutions. We are confident that the NavCover+ initiative will provide our customers and partners with a market leading product support service, within our industry. The new structure of our customer service initiative will enable us to prepare for the needs of our clients, in advance of any potential issues occurring, which in turn will allow us to streamline our operations, reduce repair time and improve the service level across all product solutions.”

NavCover+ covers a total of eight different services according the customer’s chosen warranty level; hardware repair, contract term, repair turnaround, remote fault diagnosis, Witness software upgrades and remote Witness software support, free shipping, 3rd year servicing, as well as hot standby, for repair and servicing. Each of the eight service types are specifically designed with product lifetime extension offering specialist expertise at the forefront of Navtech’s customer service priorities. Through their implementation, Navtech is able to perform scheduled restoration and maintenance on any Navtech solution within any geographic region, according to the service level agreed.

NavCover+ is available with four different support plan options. These include the standard warranty, as well as Bronze, Silver, and Gold service agreements. The standard warranty covers three out of the eight available service options. With a one year contract term, hardware repair, and a twenty working day turnaround time, this warranty level is recommended for Navtech’s accredited partners needing no form of support in the first year after product installation. The Bronze agreement provides additional Witness software updates, support and fault diagnosis on fair use terms, a longer contract term lasting two to six years, and a faster repair turnaround time, at fifteen working days. The Silver agreement offers further improved support, including free shipping, a three or six year contract, including free third year servicing, and a further improved repair turnaround time of ten working days. The Gold support plan offers the premium customer support package, with unlimited Witness software support and fault diagnosis as well as an ‘advance replacement’ to replace a failed unit during the repair.

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