Navtech Radar AdvanceGuard solution tightens security at Ostrava Airport

Four units scanning 360° every 1.5 seconds, detecting vehicles, human and animals in most weather conditions up to 1000 metres.


Ostrava airport has four towers such as that shown above. All of them have an AGS co-sited with a FLIR thermal camera.

Ostrava Airport in the Czech Republic has become the latest European airport to conform to the new EU regulations, which stipulate that improved Perimeter Security measures must be in place by 2015.  Working with a group of technology partners, all based out of Brno, including ADI Global Distribution (Honeywell Security Products), Techniserv IT, and Security Technologies, the airport has implemented an AdvanceGuard wide area surveillance solution from Navtech Radar.

Ben Ash, Key Account Manager for ADI & Honeywell at Navtech Radar, says, “At a glance, Ostrava looks as if it would be a relatively easy site to cover with a radar based security solution. However, the reality is that the ground clutter conditions are less than ideal. Long grass, airport signage, and even the perimeter fence itself, all contrive to reduce the effective radar range and mask intruders. The AdvanceGuard AGS1600 radar overcomes these issues through its high sampling resolution in both azimuth (0.5 degree) and range (30 cm). The AGS1600 will detect a walking person as far away as 1 km, which gives the onsite security staff plenty of advance warning of people, cars and other objects moving both inside and outside the fence.

Petr Voráč, Head of Security for Ostrava Airport, explains the choice of Navtech’s AdvanceGuard: “We first discovered AdvanceGuard via Navtech Radar’s web site and were invited to demonstrations of a number of existing Navtech installations. Navtech Radar’s local distributor, ADI Global Distribution, then undertook a site survey to confirm the system design comprising four AdvanceGuard AGS1600 radars. Compared to other radar-based systems using just one long range radar unit, the Navtech solution coped with the irregular shape of the airfield. One large unit would have given us problems with ‘dead zones’ where there would have been no detection due to ground slopes and non-linear fence lines.  By using four radar heads, the Navtech solution minimises dead zones.”

Ostrava perimeter 2cmyk

Leoš Janáček (Ostrava) airport, with perimeter shown in yellow.

The AdvanceGuard AGS1600’s wide-area surveillance capabilities are tied in to Navtech Radar’s sophisticated physical security information management (PSIM) system – Witness. Witness manages all system functions; from analysing movement to create target ‘tracks’ and controlling cameras to follow them, to handling the complex  algorithms in the security rule engine which analyses target behaviour, assigns threat levels and allow security staff to define alarm zones and the rules that trigger them. Witness includes Sentinel, the intuitive on-screen security interface. Sentinel allows users to draw or revise alarm zones and their associated rules. At the simplest level, it can replace physical barriers using ‘virtual fences or access points’ which alarm when objects enter them, travel in the wrong direction within them, or pass through out of hours.

deer-cropped cmyk

Witness software, showing detection and visualisation of small deer.

Ostrava airport expects to be an early adopter of Witness version 3, which will be released in Q1 2014. Witness 3 includes a number of new features such as advanced user management and track handover, which allows multiple radars to transfer a track between each other, enabling more powerful event analysis. The airport also expects to utilise Witness’ proprietary XML feed, which will facilitate import of real-time track movement information into their existing PSIM system.

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