Panasonic multi threat smart fire alarm ensures complete protection

panasonic (2)A smart algorithm within a newly launched fire alarm from Panasonic allows users to detect smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) at the same time.

The alarm has been designed to be an ideal solution for applications such as theatres with artificial smoke generators, or factory settings where oil mist may be present.

Because it only triggers when smoke, heat and carbon monoxide are detected, the Panasonic 4402 promises the highest reliability in fire detection.

Gerard Figols, European Product Manager at Panasonic, said, “The new 4402 offers dependability in detection and meets the demands of challenging environments, where conventional fire alarm systems would trigger unnecessarily. The 4402 is a valuable addition to our Fire Alarm Systems lineup.”

4402 (2)

The 4402

The chemical COsensor lasts for up to five years and, because it is fitted with the latest chemical sensor technology, consumes very little power. In the case of contamination to a smoke chamber within the alarm, or a chemical sensor reaching the end its useful life, a service signal will notify the need of a replacement.

The alarm detects smoke using an infrared light LED and a photodiode with two lenses, while a thermistor detects heat and the CO sensor is a chemical type.

The detector is intended for indoor use in dry premises and is designed to comply with Panasonic’s existing fire alarm detection systems EBL128 and EBL512 G3.

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