Mul-T-Lock’s MT5 cylinder platform secures Peckforton Castle

Mul-T-Lock secures Peckforton castle
Mul-T-Lock secures Peckforton castle

Mul-T-Lock secures Peckforton castle

Mul-T-Lock’s patented MT5 cylinder platform has been installed at Peckforton Castle by Safeguard (NW) Ltd, to restrict the unauthorised distribution of keys and ensure its security can operate from a single master key suite, without compromising on the medieval style architecture.

Based in the heart of Cheshire, Peckforton Castle has been transformed into a luxury hotel with conference facilities and has also gained a license to undertake wedding ceremonies.  However, with a number of different cylinder platforms on site securing the castle, security was being compromised.

Due to the historical ambience of the Castle, built in 1846, the owners required a system that would not ruin the style of the doors or affect the overall aesthetics of the Norman style architecture, now an English Heritage Grade 1 Listed Building.

Safeguard recommended Mul-T-Lock’s MT5 patented cylinder range, to update the security systems in place and ensure a consistent extra level of protection, which could be integrated with an electronic access control system and be flexible to accommodate possible future expansion.

MT5 provides enhanced key security and strong tamper resistance. The system has now been fitted throughout Peckforton Castle, without impacting on the aesthetics and only authorised personnel can now distribute keys.

Christopher Naylor, Managing Director and Owner of Peckforton Castle, said: “Peckforton Castle is the only intact medieval style Castle in the country and it is our responsibility to make sure it’s looked after. Thus any refurbishment measures must be carefully considered with regards to how it will impact on the aesthetics of the overall premises.

“Safeguard demonstrated the advantages of MT5 and I was especially impressed with the flexibility of the master key system and its ability to incorporate all of our key access requirements.  The MT5 system has now been installed throughout the Castle, with minimum disruption to guests or everyday operations of the hotel.”

MT5 is the first cylinder in the UK to be supported by a unique key authorisation magnetic strip card.  This card must be presented to the registered MT5 locksmith before additional keys can be supplied to ensure tight control of key duplication.

Martin Richardson of Safeguard added: “As an independent company established for over 30 years, we are able to assess manufacturers products and only if they meet our high standards will we promote them.

“Peckforton Castle presented a number of challenges primarily due to the period construction of the doors and frames. The MT5 offered a perfect solution not only because of the restrictions regarding key duplication but also the extensive profile of products available from Mul-T-Lock which suited all applications at Peckforton Castle.”

Steve Ross, Managing Director of Mul-T-Lock, concluded: “Peckforton Castle is a perfect example of how a master key suite can enhance security arrangements even in a hotel environment, where staff may need access to rooms and facilities alongside guests coming and going. Moreover, nothing changes aesthetically as the installation of MT5 is clean and simple, so it can only serve to protect Peckforton Castle as a fine example of English historical architecture and keep it safe and secure for many more years to come.”

For further information on MT5 and the full range of security solutions available from Mul-T-Lock, please contact Desalena Edwards (



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