Mul-T-Lock designs new security solution for Stourbridge College

Mul-T-Lock and Global Security of Amblecote have created a bespoke Interactive master key system for Stourbridge College’s new £12m Art & Design Centre of Excellence based in Brierley Hill.

Stourbridge College has around 11,000 students with study and training Centres of Excellence based in Stourbridge, Kingswinford, Kidderminster and Brierley Hill.

As part of an overall security upgrade to the college, Global Security recommended switching to a master key system, on Mul-T-Lock’s patented Interactive platform, for high security and complete control of key management.

The added advantage was that the master key suite could incorporate Mul-T-Lock’s unique 3 in 1 cylinder for all entrance doors and classroom cylinders for teaching rooms.

The suite has since been extended to secure new facilities at the Art & Design Centre, all whilst keeping the number of keys in circulation to a minimum.

Karen Hale, Estates Coordinator at Stourbridge College, said: “Safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of everyone at Stourbridge College – we all have a duty to ensure that the well-being and safety of students is a priority for us.

“We have worked closely with Global Security to ensure that all facilities are secured to the highest level and we are able to control exactly who has keys.  The flexibility of the master key suite enabled us to extend the same control over the security of the new Art & Design Centre.”

Mul-T-Lock Interactive system features a unique telescopic 10 pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins. Both the internal and the external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously in order for the plug to rotate.

The Interactive keys also incorporates two high precision floating pins that interact with spring-loaded pins in the cylinder plug, producing a “virtual combination” when the key is inserted into the lock.

Kevin Harcourt of Global Security added: “We recommended Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive platform in a master key system to Stourbridge College as we believe the special construction of the key makes it virtually impossible to duplicate.  Not only will this increase control over key cutting to achieve extreme levels of security, but also extends protection to new facilities added to the college.”

Mul-T-Lock’s unique ‘3 in 1’ cylinder allows authorised users to change key combinations. In a simple process a user inserts and operates the next key in a sequence of three keys and the introduction of each new key invalidates the previous key combination.

Steve Ross, Managing Director of Mul-T-Lock concluded: “Stourbridge College is in the top 10% of colleges nationally and has been the Best Performing Further Education College in the Black Country for four years.  It has also invested significantly in new facilities for students.  All of this culminates in the requirement for a high security solution such as Interactive, to allow governors complete control, both now and in the future.”

Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive platform is anti-pick, tamper resistant and with anti-drill and bump-key resistance, the cylinder delivers high quality security and can support complex masterkey systems, incorporating both hierarchy and matrix requirements into the same suite if required.

For further information on Interactive and the full range of security solutions available from Mul-T-Lock, please contact Desalena Edwards (


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