Morse Watchmans key control systems fit perfectly in property management portfolio

Brookview Apartment
Brookview Apartment

Brookview Apartment

System Provides New Management Tools at Upscale Marlton, NJ Apartment Community

One of the most important aspects of managing multi-family rental properties is the prevention of problems before they occur. At the garden-style, gated Brookview Apartment community in Marlton, NJ, Property Manager Eric Schulz is able to reduce the complexity of this task with the help of a Morse Watchmans automated key control and asset management system.

The luxury complex recently implemented a KeyWatcher® Illuminated key control and asset management system complete with network capability and increased reporting functions. The new system complements an existing Morse Watchmans KeyBank and provides Mr. Schulz the ability to generate additional reports that are used to more effectively manage the 116 unit property.

He says, “In a multi-family environment such as Brookview, the tracking of keys is extremely important and the additional reporting functions of the KeyWatcher system help with this. It’s cut down on the amount of time I spend doing paperwork, leaving me more time to focus on our tenants.”

The Morse Watchmans automated key control system is ideally suited for Brookview Apartments because it puts access to the computerized key storage system under the complete control of Mr. Schulz. For example, he can program access to the key cabinet to allow cleaning staff to remove only certain keys at specific times and for limited amounts of time. The key control system automatically records the transaction, including user, date and time of checkout and return. Activity reports of key usage by the cleaning staff as well as other authorized users can then be analyzed by time, date, or user code for improved control of access and security issues. “It’s so easy for everyone, including me, to use,” he adds.

Another benefit of the system mentioned by Mr. Schulz is its potential for savings on day to day operating costs. Time and effort are reduced because Mr. Schulz or a security guard need not be present when an authorized user needs to access or return a key. The system is fully automated and the user must simply enter their PIN code to gain access to the cabinet. The reporting capabilities can also act as a time sheet, verifying hours that an individual was on the job.

“The KeyWatcher system eliminates the problem of lost keys and unmanaged access,” he said. “Because it’s on the network, I have access to the information in real time on my computer. I always know who has removed any key and when it was taken.”

KeyWatcher Key Control Systems are modular, scalable and engineered to interoperate with access control and other physical security systems. With their secure and reliable tracking capability, they are a perfect fit for today’s property management portfolio.


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