Morse Watchmans at Counter Terror Expo 2016

Morse Watchmans at Counter Terror Expo 2016

Morse Watchmans at Counter Terror Expo 2016

Airports, schools, casinos, sports stadiums, government office buildings, the national infrastructure and similar sites are all potential targets for terrorism. Among the many ways to mitigate risk and improve incident management in these and other vulnerable venues, automated key management systems from Morse Watchmans offers a clear and proven solution.

Morse Watchmans’ state-of-the-art automated key control technology offers efficient management and storage of keys that acts as a first line of defense in risk mitigation. Developed as a replacement for lock boxes and peg boards, Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher® systems are constructed so that each key is locked into place inside a rugged cabinet using a locking device which has an integrated chip.

Users can only remove a key which they are authorized to use by entering a pre-programmed PIN code or scanning their access card or biometric identification. If the criteria entered matches the information stored in the system database, the key cabinet will unlock and the necessary key can be removed or returned. The activity is recorded and at any time management can view who accessed a key and when and if/when the key was returned.

The original KeyWatcher system was built to incorporate several innovative and time-saving features and has been continually upgraded and enhanced to meet changing market requirements. Today’s systems can be configured to the exact needs of the facility with custom solutions that include multiple key modules, lockers, biometric access (i.e. hand readers, iris recognition) and versatile installation options. Systems can be easily expanded or reconfigured as needs change.

Morse Watchmans’ newest system is the KeyWatcher Touch® which features a large, easy to use touch screen. Open protocols enable connectivity to access control and other systems provided by a range of integration partners for multiple levels of security and control. Integration of multiple locations, with common usage of databases and programming; real time information; local and remote access including mobile access; computerized reporting; and specialized alert notifications take key management and access control to the next level. For ease of use, KeyWatcher Touch allows users to return keys to any cabinet in a multi-site networked system and the system provides the location of each key in the system so time and energy are not wasted in looking for keys.

As a strategic component of an overall security plan, Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Touch and KeyWatcher Illuminated key management systems deliver valuable risk mitigation by maintaining strict accountability for keys and limiting both key duplication and distribution. The reporting system, together with the audit data from an access control system, provides a strong evidence trail to support incident management and forensic auditing.

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