VIDEOPROTECTOR online video system secures retail chain

VIDEOPROTECTOR online video system secures retail chain, Attitude Boutiques

Morphean’s online video system, VIDEOPROTECTOR, has been chosen to protect all the Boutiques in the Attitude chain, keeping them 100 percent monitored and secure.

The owner of Attitude Boutiques in Switzerland had two main priorities – to enhance distance access functions and safely store the images in a data centre, as distinct from a traditional video surveillance system with local recording. In this way, the company wanted to limit the amount of space taken up by a the surveillance system and also have full control over access to its images.

The VIDEOPROTECTOR solution was initially presented to the client by Elektro Blitz, an electrical installation company in Liebefeld, Bern and Morphean partner. Our solution met the exact needs of the client. At the time a new boutique was under construction in Crans-Montana, providing an excellent first pilot site. It was therefore possible to carry out the installation of the cameras and cabling before the contruction work was completed, and, once the internet connection was in place, the video surveillance system was immediately operational, considerably reducing costs compared to a standard solution.

Local recording on SD cards in the cameras was set to HD 720p quality and the feed was transmitted to hosted servers. The owner can consult the images from anywhere, either from an internet browser or from his smartphone. Thanks to a counter installed on the camera above the entrance, he can also check how many people visit his shop every day.

After this first pilot site, Attitude Boutiques had the same system installed in their three other sites. Since September 2015, shops in Crans-Montana, Gstaad and Montreux (two boutiques) have all been fitted with AXIS cameras connected to the shops’ ADSL access. The cameras were installed by different electrical companies, all using Morphean technology. The client is delighted because he has access to all the cameras in all his shops via one single internet or mobile link. This was achieved despite commissioning different electrical installation companies.

“GREAT !!! It’s exactly what I wanted. To have access to all my cameras from my smartphone on the move, or at home. As well as that, I think my videos are safer in a data centre designed for that function than in a cupboard at the back of my shop. You can’t guarantee that local storage devices won’t be stolen or damaged in case of a break-in or fraud.” – Owner, Attitude Boutiques

VIDEOPROTECTOR online video system secures retail chain

Morphean is a Swiss high tech company, located in Fribourg, Munich and Manchester. They are active throughout Europe and serve customers worldwide. Morphean’s mission is to bring to the market innovative video surveillance solutions, especially hosted video management platforms,incident detection and video content analysis technology. Morphean have been pioneering in digital video protection systems for over ten years. As early as 2001, they produced the first fully digitalised video management system. Since then they have completed ground-breaking projects and offer their technology to the major actors in the security market.

“Our experience and expertise enabled us to design and produce a revolutionary hosted video protection and monitoring platform. Thanks to its architecture and its metadata analysis technology, our products set the new standard for video security systems.” – Morphean

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