Morgan Marine launches new product at UK Security Expo 2016

Morgan Marine launches new product at UK Security Expo 2016

Morgan Marine launches new product at UK Security Expo 2016

Morgan Marine is pleased to be launching a brand new product at this year’s UK Security Expo, at a time when demand for its LPCB Steel and GRP enclosures and other LPCB is at an unprecedented level.

The company’s broad portfolio of products are designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure in the utilities, construction, nuclear, rail and renewables sectors - as a group of companies, between 80 and 90 percent of the power distributed in mainland UK has passed through one of their enclosures - and they have just added the new Trojan LPCB SR3 and 4 single and multi leaf access covers to their range.

This product will be particularly valuable to clients in the water sectors by helping to secure chambers. The company’s highly skilled engineering and manufacturing team has designed the Trojan access cover range after pressure form several clients to add this product to our already comprehensive range of LPCB products. Clients likes and dislikes were taken into account when designing the range and with this addition truly makes Moran Marine the ultimate “One Stop Shop” for physical security products

Sue Paton, Morgan Marine’s Sales and Commercial Director says:

“We are seeing an unprecedented demand for our bespoke security products from each of the sectors we supply.

“This is due to a range of factors. Security is an increasingly weighty issue across the water, rail, nuclear, construction and utilities industries because of the increased threats to hardware from external attack or breach.

“The security of our water supply is always a key issue, and this issue comes into sharp relief as the UK becomes more prone to flooding, since this puts extra pressure upon the infrastructure that supports our supply – consequently our flood defence products are in great demand.

“All the utility companies across the UK house some of their critical infrastructure in kiosks and housings, typically fabricated from GRP, brick or steel. We have developed systems of raising the housings above the flood risk zone effectively mounting the housing on load bearing steel legs. We also provide the access stairways and landings to gain access to the raised housing.

“Of course from our point of view we are pleased that our products are being called upon to help keep security sensitive infrastructure safe. In recent months we have seen an increase in the projected turnover of our parent company, Morgan GRP, rising to £28 million from £21 million.

“But the wider story is an even more pleasing one. We are part of a growing success story for specialist manufacturing in Britain and part of a growing sense of optimism regarding Britain’s output, which I think deserves to get more ‘air time’.

“We are seeing some major infrastructure projects being rolled out across the UK, from Crossrail to HS2, to the developments regarding mini nuclear power sites – in many respects, post-Brexit Britain is in fine shape.”

Morgan Marine is the only company in the UK to manufacture LPCB accredited security products in both Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) and steel, and has become the UK’s most highly-respected business associated with the design and manufacture of GRP and steel security products.

Other products on their roster include the  Centaur range of security barsets and cages, certified to LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) SR2, SR3 and SR4 and tested to LPS1175 issue 7.

Morgan Marine has invested heavily over the past 5 years in developing its range of LPCB security rated products which carry security level ratings of SR2, 3 and 4.

Their housings are all designed, engineered and manufactured in-house and they are bespoke according to the needs of their clients.

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