Oprema creates truly bespoke solutions for unique security projects

Matt Epps, Managing Director, Oprema

Matt Epps, Managing Director, Oprema

Oprema, based in Cardiff, is more than just a middleman supplier. It is a company dedicated to sourcing and supplying security equipment products to the trade worldwide, specialising in IP and HD solutions together with Analogue CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, Fire and Intruder products. 

The multi-brand distributor is driven by a team of talented individuals with years of installer experience. Collectively, the team has over 100 years of technical and product knowledge, which is invaluable when it comes to selecting the latest equipment and partners to bolster Oprema’s product portfolio.

This level of experience ensures an excellent quality of customer service from an informed sales team. Oprema also has a skilled technical support team that is capable of creating utterly bespoke and unique solutions for installers faced with challenging projects.

The distributor prides itself on understanding its customers’ needs, according to Tim Duggan, Technical Director and co-founder of Oprema.  “Our strength lies in our extensive understanding of existing and emerging technologies in the market.  Many of us, including the sales team, have installer experience,” said Duggan. “Therefore, we know exactly what our customers’ projects involve so we have the distinct ability to empathise with their needs. Added to this we provide certified installer training courses to help our customers understand the technology we supply.”

He added that it’s this approach, and a close working relationship between the technical and sales teams, that has led to Oprema developing an assortment of unique security solutions.

One such project is a hydrogen powered CCTV system with clean energy company BOC.  Duggan worked closely with BOC to ensure the final solution was tailored to the specific needs of the installation company and their end user.

Duggan said, “We teamed up with BOC in December 2012 to design and build a fully monitored, hydrogen-powered CCTV system for use at remote construction sites. The primary obstacle to the installation was the isolated environment of the construction site, leaving very limited access to power. After carefully drawing up a suitable technical specification, we set about designing a three-camera system that incorporated a fully functional dome powered by BOC’s Hymera silent hydrogen generator.”

The equipment specification that Oprema devised included a specially designed low-voltage DVR to connect to the client’s monitoring station, which was built and commissioned in-house at the Oprema head office. However, the installation was also designed with more than just efficiency in mind.

“We chose to use the BOC Hymera hydrogen generator as a power supply for more than its convenience and ease of use,” Duggan said. “One cylinder of hydrogen lasts seven days, making it more cost effective by reducing the amount of manned maintenance hours compared to a standard diesel or petrol generator. In addition, the only waste generated is water vapour, meaning the installation has a very low impact on the immediate environment.”

The final result was a system robust enough to operate effectively in the isolated location, with the low-voltage DVR, control module and router housed in a specifically designed weather-proof lockable enclosure. The system proved itself a success within the first two weeks of installation, detecting and preventing two thefts at the construction site, which later led to arrests.

Another installation company approached Oprema hoping to find a solution to a similar problem.

Duggan explains, “On this occasion we teamed up with a company called GB Sol who specialise in manufacturing solar PV modules and mounting systems. Using solar power they managed to enable the two cameras and two wireless transmitters to feed images back to a surveillance office a kilometre away, all year round.”

The support available to Oprema’s customers – over the phone, through remote access and in person – is not the only reason they continue to choose the distributor according to Managing Director, Matthew Epps.

He summed up his company’s philosophy and approach: “We work with respected companies and manufacturers such as Paxton, Milestone Systems, Etrovision, Panasonic, Comelit, Hochiki, Advanced Electronics, Flir and many more.  Anything is possible, but sometimes customers are simply unaware of the options available to them. It is our goal to make sure they get the very best solution by making use of our knowledge.”

You can find out more about Oprema and its range of products on its website.

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