More powerful configuration for VideoIP systems

More powerful configuration for VideoIP systems

More powerful configuration for VideoIP systems with PService3 from Dallmeier

With PService3 Dallmeier presents a new version of its configuration and administration tool which is now even more powerful, structured and flexible.

PService3 is a powerful application for the convenient configuration and administration of comprehensive Dallmeier VideoIP systems. PService3 scans the video network for Dallmeier devices, automatically detects them and displays them in an overview. If desired, PService3 provides a list of camera previews, filtered according to various criteria. Recording systems and cameras can thus be administered conveniently. The comprehensive functions range from changing of IP addresses and updates of the integrated software to the direct opening of the configuration dialogs.

Modern and flexible
PService3 is even more flexible than its predecessor version, and even more readily adaptable to the specific requirements of any user. The user interface has been revised extensively and is characterised by a completely modernised and clearly structured design which provides more clarity. It can also be adapted individually to the user’s needs: Depending on the work environment, the user interface can be switched between a dark and a bright design and particular functions and views can be summarised and arranged individually within the program window. Furthermore the users are able to add and arrange tools according to individual needs, always keeping an eye on the essentials.

Advanced representation of Panomera® multifocal sensor systems
The appearance of Panomera® multifocal sensor systems has been expanded extensively in the current version of the PService3 software. Detailed information can now be viewed for each module of a Panomera® camera. Furthermore, extensive tools for the convenient maintenance and configuration of MFS systems are available. With the Panomera® AutoCalibration software tool (to be installed separately), module transitions can quickly and easily be automatically calibrated.

All in one
PService3 is compatible with all Dallmeier network cameras, including the Panomera® multifocal sensor systems as well as all Dallmeier recording systems as of generation 4. The variety of integrated tools makes PService3 a central and complete service instrument.

More information in the webinar
Dallmeier also provides extensive explanations and many practical examples in its “PService3” webinar. All dates & registration at

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