Mobotix unveil new S15, D15 and V15 cameras

MOBOTIX has launched three new camera models with 5 Megapixel technology to offer higher frame rate, better light sensitivity and better zoom capability.


The new camera models S15, D15 and V15 are developed from the already successful predecessor series. By using 5 Megapixel sensors in these new camera models, the users will be able to experience clear advantages.

“The most visible changes that we have made for the users are that they will experience a clearly better light sensitivity in low light conditions or at night, ” said Dr Ralf Hinkel, founder of MOBOTIX. “The light sensitivity of the overall image quality is up to four times better, which enhances the overall image quality in for instance bad weather conditions and in the dark.”

The maximum QXGA resolution is therefore more than 2.5 times higher than full HD. Another major advantage is that the new sensor technology in combination with preprocessing the image data directly in the camera delivers a video stream frame rate of up to 30 frames per second.

“An increased zoom capability of the S15, D15 and V15 enhances the possibilities even further. “We have increased the zoom option in color by 27 per cent by using the new sensor technology, and by more than 200 per cent in black-and-white, ” added Dr Hinkel. “This results in more detailed images and allows for the camera to be positioned further away from the monitored areas. This allows users to benefit from increased flexibility when it comes to planning and installation.”

The new S15, D15 and V15 camera models are equipped with the new, unique MxActivitySensor for camera-integrated video motion analysis. Once configured, the free-of-charge software can distinguish between relevant and irrelevant movements, drastically reducing the number of false alarms.

The new models equipped with 5 Megapixel sensors are all available as of immediately from authorized MOBOTIX distributors and partners.

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