Mobile Worker Plus on the evolution of lone worker protection

Mobile Worker Plus on the evolution of lone worker protection

Mobile Worker Plus on the evolution of lone worker protection

Mobile Worker Plus on the evolution of lone worker protectionMobile Worker Plus, a UK software company offering solutions focusing on field worker health and safety, productivity and real-time reporting, talks about the security industry, stressing the benefits of using security mobile apps to ensure the safety of security guards and lone workers in all fields.

Security guards have the responsibility of guaranteeing the protection of people, products, businesses or buildings against any threats, such as vandalism, theft, physical violence and more. They are frequently involved in regular patrolling in order to effectively prevent disturbances. Patrolling can consist of appointed checkpoints to be examined at specific time intervals.

Historically, security guards used mechanical clock systems, using a key to manually add a number on a paper marked by a specific time. Following technological developments in recent years, automated processes of reporting security related activities have become more popular. They offer certain advantages over traditional systems of manual logging, such as the ability to download and efficiently store reports.

Having such a role in the security industry can be satisfying and challenging, as workers are instrumental in the formation of a safer society. However, the risks of being a security officer must not be overlooked. Frequently, security guards are lone workers, working in isolation and lacking direct supervision. They can be responsible for patrolling dangerous areas, and can encounter different threats as part of their role.

Who is responsible for the safety of security guards?
It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees, and special measures should be taken for lone workers to not be put at higher risk than regular employees. Companies should develop lone worker protection policies, and inform and train workers accordingly. Additionally, employers should conduct risk assessments before allowing employees to work on the field, and should make sure to use systems enabling them to be aware of what is happening and keep in contact with security officers, who should have the means of calling for help in case of emergencies. These measures help organisations comply with certain laws, including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Mobile Worker Plus on the evolution of lone worker protection

Why use mobile apps?
In order to ensure lone worker protection, many software companies specialising in relevant smartphone applications have emerged on the market. The security mobile apps are specifically useful for security officers, and have the added benefit of removing the need for additional devices. They can have a variety of special features for lone workers, providing an excellent system for increasing the specific health and safety practices in field environments.

Mobile Worker Plus highlights the benefits of these frameworks, having developed their mobile app solutions with the safety and productivity of both manager and lone worker in mind. In addition to ensuring adequate health and safety practices, field worker apps increase worker transparency, offering the added benefit of allowing organisations to efficiently manage their staff.

MWP’s lone worker protection app comes with flexible deployment options, SOS button and alerts, automatic escalation when an alert is not cancelled, man-down feature activating an alert, listen-in facility etc. For security guards, MWP has developed an app enabling them to effectively report their execution of patrols. The features include reminder notifications of checkpoints pending for patrol, location tracking, missed checkpoint reports with configurable reasons, geofence support where alerts are generated if users enter or exit pre-defined zones, offering greater security etc.

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