Mobile viewing solution launched for AirLive IP cameras


AirLive have unveiled AirLive CamPro Mobile, a mobile viewing solution to support home security cameras. This application is for iOS and coming soon for Android.

It allows users to view multiple AirLive home security cameras using iPhone, or iPad and soon Android devices for AirLive models of IP cameras.

What does it all mean?

You can easily download “AirLive CamPro Mobile” for Apple on AppStore or Android on Google Play(coming soon). Than connect with internet and enable UpnP function. After you connect IP cam to router, you will see the program and choice which cameras you want to watch from your phone or iPad. Than you are ready to see anything going on in your house, garage or shop where your Airlive IP cameras are installed. This means widely supported work with camera using mobile devices with iOS and Android.

Software equipment Airlive home IP cameras focuses on simple installation and operation for the user, so it is possible to say that it is really a plug and play installation, just connect the device to the network and within a few moments put into operation without complicated setting of many parameters. Along with the camera comes “CamPro Express” software utility that enables the detection and management of the network involved Airlive cameras, as well as, of course, view and store video from up to 64 connected devices.

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