Mirasys VMS Integrations With RIVA Cameras


Mirasys Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management and Visual Intelligence Solutions, has updated the integrations with RIVA cameras. Among other things, Edge Storage functionality support was added for select models of RIVA cameras, which have Micro SD memory card support. Through Edge Storage functionality automated on-board recording provides safety for recorded data, e.g., in the case of network blackouts. Whenever a camera with edge storage enabled cannot connect to the recorder, it starts to save captured images locally. After the connection has been restored, the footage recorded during the downtime are retrieved by the Mirasys VMS. The process is completely automated and runs on the background.

“As new versions of Mirasys VMS software and, of course, RIVA camera models, are developed constantly it is important to keep the integrations up-to-date. Only in that way all the new features are available also for the end customers’ use,” says Petri Bäckström, Security Product Line Director at Mirasys.

In Germany Mirasys and RIVA will have joint training and workshops targeted for integrators and other channel partners. ”We see that showing in the real life the benefits of Mirasys VMS and RIVA cameras working together is the best way to demonstrate tighter co-operation. Sharing our knowledge will benefit not only our channel partners in the market but also our end customers,” says Udo Schneider, Country Manager, Mirasys Germany.

“RIVA cameras offer high quality and easy installation benefits. Mirasys provides quality software and a wide variety of applications. Mirasys integration to RIVA cameras will give a strong, complete and competitive security solution for our joint customers,” says Christof Kraka, CTO at RIVA.

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