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Mirasys Technology Partner Programme

Mirasys Technology Partner Programme

Top class end-to-end solutions developed through strengthened co-operation and partnerships.

London – February 7th, 2011 – Mirasys Ltd, a leading provider of open platform digital CCTV and video surveillance solutions, has today announced its Technology Partner Programme, offering ‘Standard’ and ‘Platinum’ level accreditation to new and future technology partners, further enabling comprehensive end-to-end solutions to address the evolving requirements of CCTV infrastructures. Naming Samsung as the first ‘Platinum’ partner to join the scheme, Mirasys will also target other surveillance camera manufacturers, video analytics software vendors and access control solution manufacturers to provide standardised frameworks and processes for ensuring timely, quality integrations, as well as the tools and contacts needed for turning technical integration work into tangible business benefits.

Through the Technology Partner Programme, Mirasys will provide its Standard and Platinum partners with access to technical information including Mirasys product roadmaps, testing and demonstration licences, and go-to-market resources, such as documentation and ready-made Mirasys-led integration capabilities. These offerings equip partners with the resources needed to improve flexibility for their customers, and will allow both Mirasys and its partners to meet pre-defined integration targets and functionalities which can be set through commonly approved business cases or cost-sharing agreements. A commitment between Mirasys and its partners to ensure product compatibility as new video management solutions, hardware, and software are developed will also be central to the Technology Partner Programme. This cohesive relationship between technology providers will supply end-users with the non-proprietary and scalable solutions required to meet changing business and surveillance demands.

In addition to customer-oriented benefits, Mirasys’ Technology Partner Programme also aims to strengthen partner relations through joint marketing activities. Mirasys will push partner-led marketing via its own sales channels to increase momentum with both Standard and Platinum partners.  Platinum partners, such as Samsung, who will be invited enter the scheme based on an assessment of the business impact generated through the partnership, will receive priority invitations to co-marketing activities and integration project priority, as well as a named global business development contact.

“The Technology Partner Programme has been set-up to reward and strengthen Mirasys’ hundreds of existing technology partnerships, as well as offering a structured go-to-market offering for new partners. By stating a commitment to work together at both the customer level and through product development and marketing, we hope to offer improved end-to-end solutions to our customers while building on our existing partner relationships;” said Jukka Riivari, CEO, Mirasys. “By naming Platinum partners such as Samsung, we hope to drive further technical innovation and nurture these key relationships, again providing benefits to end-users, as well as enabling new business opportunities for Mirasys and the partners themselves.”

“We are delighted to be the first Mirasys Platinum Partner,” commented Peter Ainsworth, senior product manager at Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “IP & network solutions feature heavily on our roadmap for this year, and customers who are using a Mirasys and Samsung solution will benefit greatly from the high level of integration that we have achieved.”

About Samsung
The Samsung iPOLiS range of IP & network products encompass hybrid VGA and HD megapixel cameras, network video recorders, speed domes, network video recorders and encoders, each with unique Samsung technology inside to deliver the best possible image quality and maximise available bandwidth.

About Mirasys Ltd
Mirasys Ltd is one of the world’s leading providers of open platform digital CCTV and video surveillance solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Bangkok, Barcelona, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm, it provides innovative security solutions that manage over 300,000 cameras around the world. Mirasys flagship products, NVR Pro and NVR Enterprise, protect banks, retail outlets, schools, cultural and heritage sites and government facilities.

Marco Ylä-Kojola, Sales Director, Mirasys Ltd
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