Milestone’s XProtect and megapixel cameras enhance Neighbourhood Watch

BSecure Network Diagram
BSecure Network Diagram

BSecure Network Diagram

Project Challenge:

Apartment complexes are discovering the benefits of having IP video surveillance solutions on site at much lower costs thanks to wireless networking. The Seabury Apartment Complex consists of three apartment blocks and one maintenance building situated in the sea side village of Sandymount in Dublin 4. Boasting unrivalled views of Dublin Bay, the Property Management Company responsible for the site proposed a camera system to protect residences and deter criminals.
The Property Management company approached B-Secure, a local security installer in South Dublin to devise a cost effective solution to protect the site and provide good quality video footage. Working with GVD, the specialist value added distributor in IP, B-Secure & GVD conducted a joint site survey in Seabury. Afterwards, they devised the best IP video management plan for the site based on the budget available from the clients.

GVD | making IP easy  Solution:

As there is only one entrance and exit into and out of the apartment complex, B-Secure recommended that an IQinVision Sentinel 2 Megapixel Camera be mounted on the building near the front entrance giving wide coverage of the front of the complex with the ability to zoom in on vehicle registration plates. In order to protect the three apartment blocks, there are a number of ACTi ACM-1231 1.3 Megapixel Bullet cameras per building. These cameras are fully PoE, IP66 rated and have in built IR to provide a good day & night image. Rather than running coaxial cables from building to building and burying cable in ducts, GVD | making IP easy devised two point to point wireless links from two of the blocks back to the Maintenance Building where the Milestone XProtect® Essential Server does all the recording. The wireless links transmit the data from each of the cameras back to the server providing a much cleaner, cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional analogue systems. The Maintenance Building was already connected to one of the blocks by coaxial cable. In order to retain the investment and utilize the existing infrastructure, GVD recommended using Planet RJ45 convertors to convert the coaxial cable to RJ45.

Customer Result:

The Property Management Company is delighted with the coverage the systems provides. They are able to quickly find evidence of fly tipping at the bin area and using the time stamp link back to the IQinVision camera to get registration plates for the offending vehicles. This can be easily exported as a PDF snapshot or .AVI file and sent to the Gardaí.

Kevin O’Brennan, Managing Director of B-Securesays “The system was pre-configured by GVD, so was ready to go ‘out of the box’. This saved us time on site and meant we were assured that the system had been fully bench tested beforehand. The Property Management Company is delighted with the picture quality and especially the cost savings using the wireless system. They are set to roll this out in many of their other properties in the near future.”

For Property Management Surveillance the main advantages of an IP system are:
• Wireless Point to Point links to save time, disruption and money on unnecessary cabling
• Better quality footage of registration plates with Megapixel Cameras
• Networked Solution means that each camera can be adjusted individually for optimal performance
• Milestone Smart Client can be used remotely to view live footage and export footage

GVD – making IP easy is a specialist value added distributor of IP technology. Visit our NIPX centre & discover the infinite possibilities IP has to offer. or

B-Secure are a specialist security installer based in South County Dublin. Specialising in IP video surveillance, Access Control and Intruder alarms, our many years of experience offer the most comprehensive solutions for our customers. As a certified Milestone Professional Partner we offer you the best in class IP Video Surveillance Management platform and recording solution, coupled with the best megapixel cameras available on the market. To arrange a meeting and demonstration contact us today at

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