Milestone Systems highlight performance and Partners at Security Essen

Milestone Systems highlight performance and Partners at Security Essen

Milestone Systems highlight performance and Partners at Security Essen

High performance solutions and vertical value propositions from the Milestone partner community will be showcased at Security Essen tradeshow in Germany.

Milestone Systems, the leading open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), will be at Security Essen 2016 in Germany on September 27-30th.

On show at the Milestone booth 2B22 will be the full Milestone XProtect 2016 portfolio of products and the Milestone Husky M550 Advanced NVR, in addition to the full range of Milestone Husky NVRs. A number of Milestone partners will be showcasing integrated solutions at the Milestone booth and throughout the showroom.

There will be a dedicated Milestone media event at Security Essen, September 27 at 9:30 am which will highlight the Milestone success through the partner community and showcase several products. Additionally, particapants can expect a forthcoming Nedap Announcement. The event will take place at Milestone Booth 2B22. Members of the press can sign up to attend this event by contacting Fortis PR.

Milestone will show the coming XProtect R3, Milestone Husky M20 NVR and the Milestone Husky M550A server Class NVR at the show. Availability of these products is Q4 2016.

There are interview possibilities as well:

  • Milestone EMEA plans/global perspective/community – VP EMEA Thomas Lausten, Milestone Systems (Sep 27)
  • DACH perspectives/Products/community/partnerships – DACH director Christian Ringler or Channel Manager Ulf Hüther, Milestone Systems (Sep 27-28)

Please contact Fortis PR for available time slots.

Milestone XProtect 2016 R3

XProtect 2016 R3 Advanced VMS has numerous enhancements and was primarily developed based on feedback from the partner community. Milestone’s ongoing commitment to the partner community is to maximize the business value of video management systems for both partners and customers. The rapid development cycle enables Milestone to fulfill market needs and partner demands, rapidly keeping the Milestone community agile and responsive.

The benefits of XProtect 2016 R3:

  • Innovative video storage handing can save more than 80% in disk activity
  • Designed for low bandwidth camera networks
  • Support for H.265 video compression saves in storage and network costs
  • Situational navigation through innovative use of maps
  • Cybersecurity enhancements

Milestone Husky M20 NVR

Installation of this high performance unit is fast and easy. Milestone Husky M20 is a quickly deployable building block for easy video business solutions. The software is an NVR-optimized version of XProtect Professional with Smart Start, enabling compatible cameras to be automatically configured when connected to the Milestone Husky M20. The Smart Start plug-and-play enables automatic camera discovery, automatic IP address allocation, automatic allocation of camera storage to hard drives to balance load and automatic allocation of the camera to a view in XProtect.

The benefits of Husky M20 NVR:

  • Plug-and-play solution easy to deploy
  • Integrated PoE+ switch
  • High performance; dependable NVR
  • Integrated alarm I/O for a complete solution

Milestone Husky M550A – High performance server class NVR

This new model is expanding on the established Milestone Husky design with a dual power supply for added resiliency, an industry first, and the use of Intel’s X550 converged network adapter. This adapter allows native 10 GbE connections to enterprise class storage from EMC, Dell and HP, as well as using iSCSI and FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet). The ability to interface to these high-level, high-performance storage solutions gives secure and fail-safe access to virtually limitless storage.

By leveraging, the customer’s existing storage infrastructure storage costs can be minimized and video data can be regarded as true enterprise data accessible from any application, and contribute to the bottom line.

The benefits of Husky M550A:

  • Enterprise class storage options
  • High performance in compact unit
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Community Focus

The partner community is essential to the Milestone business strategy and a strong partner presence in the Milestone trade show booth is illustration of that commitment. This year is no exception as partners will highlight solutions focused on the vertical sectors: Safe cities/Law enforcement and Smart Buildings. A wide array of innovative partner solutions will be shown from advanced storage solutions to video analytics on the edge.

The following Milestone Solution Partners presenting at the Milestone booth:

Partners present

  • AdvantecThe Advantech NVS x86 architecture system combines the functions of a high performance Network Video Recorder (NVR). With the Milestone XProtect® VMS software, NVS can be perfectly applied to diversified usage cases such as banking, building surveillance as well as middle to large floor-size hypermarkets.
  • Bosch – The Access Modular Controller (AMC) hardware administrated by Access Professional Edition software combined with Milestone XProtect covers integrated alarm management, video verification, map viewing, door handling and event viewing from one user interface
  • CogVisAnonymvis developed by CogVis is a server-based video analytics solution that tightly integrates with XProtect® video management software enabling reliable privacy protection through pixilation.The video analytics core of anonymvis automatically detects and camouflages persons and moving objects by pixelating them.
  • Dell Dell OEM Solutions is a Milestone Solution Partner and global technology provider which offers tailored server solutions to support Milestone XProtect Video Management Software (VMS). When you look to reduce TCO for large scale environments like Safe Cities, Governmental projects or Critical Infrastructures, the R730XD reference server design is a safe choice.
  • ela-soft GmbhGEMOS is an advanced physical security information management system (advanced PSIM) with over 750 native integrated interfaces. In terms of scalability, GEMOS is very flexible. It can be used for very small installations such as fire alarm system visualizations up to large and complex scale systems with many different sub-trade systems included.
  • NEDAPAEOS by Nedap N.V. Security Management is a powerful, user-friendly access control and security management system. It can handle an unlimited number of users and locations and is able to process an almost unlimited number of combinations of different identification and verification technologies at the same time.
  • OncamOncam cameras are surveillance cameras equipped with a fish-eye lens and 360° field of view. Oncam  cameras mounted on ceilings or walls have no blind spots and can be used to provide full situational awareness when reviewing incidents and when viewing live video prior to responding to events.
  • IPS IPS Intelligent Video Analytics is a German manufacturer of sophisticated video products. IPS has been developing its latest generation of IP-based software solutions for video analytics and management. IPS products are successfully installed in numerous applications.
  • QuantumQuantum StorNext® 5 Scale Out Storage developed by Quantum Corporation solves the storage challenge by taking a different approach, which enables a better workflow with intelligent data management. At the core of every StorNext system is a High-Performance Primary Storage capable of ingesting thousands of camera streams.
  • SICK Use SICK Laser Scanners and RFID to detect and track intruders and assets. SICK Laser Scanners have operating ranges up to 250-meters and when combined with the award winning Hawkeye Effect software creates LaserGuardian which will display the intrusion on a GIS map in the XProtect Smart Client. Based on a target’s location.
  • SIKLU – Siklu empowers video surveillance networks with fiber-like wireless communication for the full range of street- and rooftop-level connectivity. Siklu radios deliver true 1Gbps and 2Gbps full duplex throughput, even in the most congested urban areas.

Christian Ringer, Milestone Systems director SET/DACH says:

“A great thanks to all in our partner community for their contribution to our top market position. This Security Essen tradeshow is truly great for us as we are not only showcasing our partners but also the highest performance solutions in the business.”

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