Milestone Systems announces new Husky M20 NVR

Milestone Systems announces new Husky M20 NVR

Milestone Systems announces new Husky M20 NVR

The Husky M20 NVR is truly a plug-and-play solution. The sleek unit features an integrated managed switch and user-replaceable hard disks. It comes with XProtect Professional for maximum performance, efficiency and ease of use.

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), is announcing the Milestone Husky M20 NVR with NVR-optimized Milestone XProtect Professional. This NVR is designed after feedback from the Milestone Community where the need for fast deployable video solutions is rising.

Plug-and-play solution easy to deploy

Installation of this high performance unit is fast and easy for the Milestone community partners. They can depend on Milestone Husky M20 as a quickly deployable building block for easy video business solutions. The software is an NVR-optimized version of XProtect Professional with Smart Start enabling compatible cameras to be automatically configured when connected to the Milestone Husky M20. The Smart Start plug-and-play features enable automatic camera discovery, automatic IP address allocation, automatic allocation of camera storage to hard drives to balance load and automatic allocation of the camera to a view in XProtect.

Milestone Husky M20 features an integrated managed switch with 8 or 16 ports capable of delivering power to connected devices (PoE+). This means that up to 16 PoE-enabled cameras can be directly connected to the M20, requiring little to no installation or configuration. The Milestone Husky M20/16 port-version is easily powerful enough to handle up to 24 cameras with room for expansion.

These features make this NVR a true plug-and-play solution. Compatible cameras power on and are automatically configured in the VMS. They then start showing video. The credit for this solution is a result of open platform technology.

High performance dependable NVR

The hardware is based on the latest Intel Skylake architecture for a high-performance, but power-efficient unit. The M20 is 2U rack mountable unit housing two user-replaceable disk drives making installation and maintenance an easy task. The use of XProtect enables the Milestone Husky M20 to be a part of a large video network, connecting to other compatible Milestone Husky NVRs or XProtect Professional systems in a master/slave setup.

Milestone Customer Dashboard enables Milestone channel partners to monitor customer systems’ status creating the possibility of proactive service to ensure non-stop operations. Milestone Customer Dashboard requires Milestone Care Plus support services. The disk sub-system supports a 200Mbit/s recording rate enabling use of the latest megapixel cameras.

Integrated alarm I/O for a complete solution

The system includes four low voltage I/O ports for alarm use. This means that The Milestone Husky M20 can be used with compatible software as a basic alarm system. It could be with door controllers for a simple access control system or any other kind of industry standard controllers. This opens a completely new palette of opportunities for the Milestone partner community.

Janne Jakobsen, Vice President of Professional Products at Milestone Systems says:

“The Milestone Husky M20 is one more step in our commitment to deliver the most valuable solutions for our community partners and customers. We set out to build the best plug-and play NVR in our industry so that, when combined with our community partner cameras, it will give our integrators the simplest and most predictable deployment experience when delivering high quality video solutions.”

Milestone Husky M20 will ship in fourth quarter of 2016.

The Milestone Husky M20 will be showcased at the ASIS 2016 International trade show in Orlando, September 12-15, at the Milestone booth 3419. The Security Essen 2016 trade show will also highlight the entire range of Husky NVR’s with scalable VMS at the Milestone booth 2B22.

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