Milestone extends support for Body Worn Cameras

Milestone extends support for Body Worn Cameras

Milestone extends support for Body Worn Cameras

Device Pack 9.1 for Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) supports advanced handling of edge storage from body worn cameras from Digital Barriers. ONVIF support has been enhanced with H.265 support, enabling 4K video.

Milestone Systems, the number one open platform company in networked VMS has released Device Pack 9.1 for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions.

The bi-monthly device packs contain software updates supporting new hardware. These updates are always a priority at Milestone: supporting the widest range of devices possible is a crucial part of the company’s open platform promise. This year, Milestone reached an industry first 6,000 supported devices, with new devices constantly being added to each device pack that comes out.

Advanced support for body worn cameras from Digital Barriers

In Device Pack 9.1, support for Digital Barriers body worn cameras has been extended. XProtect can now interface to Digital Barriers Edgevis servers. These dedicated serversprovide a secure, scalable video transmission platform, able to stream video live from cameras to users over any, but especially low bandwidth, wireless networks.

Thanks to the use of open platform technology, this new feature is supported by the SVQR (Scalable Video Quality Recording) functionality in Milestone VMS.

Using SVQR, a low bandwidth connection can be used to send low resolution video to a command center for real time situational awareness. When the camera is connected to a high bandwidth network, the high-quality recordings from the cameras local storage can be retrieved by XProtect 2017 advanced VMS, either by event, schedule or manually.

This means that SVQR improves evidence investigation in addition to real-time situational awareness, thus proving added value to the Milestone community.

Colin Evans, COO Digital Barriers said:

“We have a close relationship with Milestone, and are delighted at the new possibilities this integration offers. We are happy to be in the Milestone community as this gives us the potential to extend our reach through partnerships.”

H.265 ONVIF support

Milestone constantly works to extend ONVIF support. In Device Pack 9.1, support for the h.265 high efficiency streaming codec has been added. So far numerous cameras from Dahua have been tested and verified in this release, with more to come.

Milestone dedicated to ONVIF Support 

Milestone works closely with device manufacturers in the Camera Partner Program (CaPP) to achieve optimal interaction between their devices and XProtect VMS. The same rigorous testing applies to driver standards like ONVIF.

Before ONVIF-supported devices are listed in the supported hardware list on, they have been tested to ensure 100% functionality with the XProtect open platform technology. This enables the Milestone community to pick the best devices for their end-customers, from the market’s broadest selection. They can be assured of the functionality of any supported device.

The Milestone XProtect Device Pack 9.1 is available now for download from

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