Milestone Arcus ‘makes the move from analogue to IP easy and fast’

milestone-logo_tagMilestone Systems has unveiled Milestone Acrus, a new embedded video surveillance platform for low-complexity, low-cost security installations.

Milestone Arcus runs on Linux®, Mac® OSX and Windows® related operating systems, within network storage and cameras or other devices on the edge.

This is a significant differentiator in today’s security market offerings. Hardware partners embedding Milestone Arcus in any kind of hardware form factor will be able to offer a streamlined, video management tool that is simple and easy to install – at very competitive price points.

Milestone Arcus is a multi-platform VMS solution for hardware vendors to embed in their products, to be sold by their channels as an out-of-the-box solution, ready to use. These embedded solutions will be co-branded with Milestone to let customers know they are getting the best in video surveillance. Milestone Arcus is the most lean yet high-performance product in the Milestone portfolio, which up to now has been Milestone XProtect® VMS offerings that run on Windows and are sold by the worldwide Milestone Systems network of channel partners.

Milestone Arcus is a brand-new VMS product with new development code in its core that takes advantage of the company’s 15 years of experience in video surveillance technology. It is the first delivery from Milestone’s new Incubation & Ventures business unit that was created in 2012.

“Milestone Arcus is a multi-platform VMS that hardware vendors can embed in their products for customers wanting simple, inexpensive surveillance tools. Milestone Arcus makes the move from analog to IP easy and fast for partners and their customers,” says Lars Nordenlund, VP of Incubation & Ventures at Milestone Systems.

About 60% of the physical security market is estimated to be using analog equipment so there is considerable potential business that will be moving to IP networked solutions over the coming years.

“There is conservatively $6B in analog sales by 2015 that will be converting to IP in the security equipment market, not including service and maintenance. Milestone Arcus opens up new growth opportunities in which hardware vendors can accelerate their business,” said Balaji Srimoolanathan, Principal Consultant – Aerospace, Defence & Security, Frost & Sullivan. “Milestone Arcus is timed right for this trend and can reach the low end of the security market that will be in transition. It will be a major driver, with huge impact in motivating a lot of people to move toward IP.”

Hardware vendors who embed Milestone Arcus in their products will gain an advantage from low development costs by using the top-branded Milestone VMS technology. Milestone will provide the integration and software upgrade paths in ongoing new releases.

Several early adopter partners will be announcing their products with Milestone Arcus very soon.


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