Milestone announces the Husky M550A server-grade NVR

Milestone announces the Husky M550A server-grade NVR

Milestone announces the Husky M550A server-grade NVR

The coming Milestone Husky M550A server-grade NVR delivers a guaranteed recording performance of 1400 Mb/s and unlimited external storage thanks to the use of features normally only seen in enterprise servers.

Milestone Systems, the leading open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), is pre-announcing the Milestone Husky M550A NVR hardware platform with scalable VMS.

This is the second announcement in six months of super high-end NVR build with technology normally only seen in big IT datacenter systems. This gives the Milestone community the possibility to design very large business video solutions using the Milestone Husky M500A or M550A NVR’s as scalable building blocks.

Enterprise class storage options

Milestone is currently preparing the Milestone Husky M550A for release in Q4 2016 and will be showcasing this new class of high-performance NVR’s at tradeshows. The new model is expanding on the established Milestone Husky design with a dual power supply for added resiliency, an industry first, and the use of Intel’s X550 converged network adapter. This adapter allows native 10 GbE connections to enterprise class storage from EMC, Dell and HP, as well as using iSCSI and FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet).

The ability to interface to these high-level, high-performance storage solutions gives secure and fail-safe access to virtually limitless storage. By leveraging the customer’s existing storage infrastructure, the storage costs can be minimized and the video data can be regarded as true enterprise data accessible from any application. These solutions can be made to contribute to the bottom line.

Power consumption in data centers are an issue for environmentally-conscious enterprises. In order to keep the heat footprint down the Milestone Husky M550A is designed using a power-optimized Intel-based pc design. This saves costs for cooling, extends hardware life and sets environmental concerns on the trade agenda.

High performance in compact unit

The Milestone Husky M550A is building on the high performance exclusive hardware design of the Milestone Husky M50A chassis in step with the previous Milestone Husky series. The M550A XProtect Expert NVR has been performance-tested with a guaranteed recording performance of 1,400 Mb/s.

When combined with a video recording optimized RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) Controller supporting either RAID 5 or RAID 10, the industry’s highest performance NVR in the new enterprise class is achieved. The M550A NVR supports up to 64 TB of internal raw storage in hot swappable drives.

Low Cost of Ownership

The XProtect Expert VMS comes preloaded on the Husky M550A and enables a number of advantages for Milestone partners. These advantages include already being trained and certified on the system software and being able to easily upgrade customers from previous Milestone XProtect products like XProtect Enterprise. This guarantees that customers get the industry’s lowest possible NVR total cost of ownership.

Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Vice President of Corporate Products Business Unit at Milestone Systems says:

“We believe this is a really strong match for the reseller community–award winning software from the number one VMS vendor enabling a high performance unit with first-in-class storage options. The Milestone Husky M550A is in a league of its own redefining expectations for server-class NVR’s. We will continue to raise the bar as this is exactly what our community expects.”

Milestone Husky M550A will ship in fourth quarter of 2016.

The Milestone Husky M550A will be showcased at the ASIS 2016 International trade show in Orlando, September 12-15, at the Milestone booth 3419.  The Security Essen 2016 trade show will also highlight the entire range of Husky NVR’s with scalable VMS at the Milestone booth 2B22.

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