Migrate to IP with NVT TBus technology

TBus NEWOffering a flexible, simple and cost-effective ‘any distance’ transmission solution vs. conventional IEEE 802.3ab IP standards based products, Network Video Technologies (NVT) have announced an easy way to migrate CCTV to IP, with their exciting new TBus® UTP/Ethernet over Coax transmission range.

Using NVT TBus technology there is no re-cabling requirement, no distance or cable topology issues and it’s cost-effective for any size of system, delivering Ethernet, PoE, PoE+ and High Power PoE over any type of cable.

To find out more about how TBus IP transmission can save time and money, NVT are inviting specifiers and installers to discuss their project requirements. NVT can be contacted on +44 (0)20 8977 6614 or eusales@nvt.com.

Watch the short TBus IP transmission range video below.

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