Midwich Unveils New Security Technology


midwichIFSEC 2014 saw Midwich sponsor the Harmony Alliance hospitality area – working closely alongside Harmony brands TDSi, Elmdene and GJD.

Throughout the show, it was evident that ultra-high definition is making a big impression on the security market. The move to HD devices and 4K display has already begun, however it is widely accepted that it will take another 12-18 months to be accepted into the market, with broadcast-standard quality soon to be the industry standard.

The other big market mover is Edge based systems as a recording or storage solution. Edge based systems match very well with cloud based solutions.

As technology moves forward, the role of the CCTV camera has changed and, along with those changes, the scope for their use has increased dramatically.

Mark Thomas, director at Midwich Security explains: “The latest IP surveillance camera is now really a data collection device and we need to think in those terms. The on-board technology allows audio recording and analytics, taking it beyond a security device. The data mining opportunities are virtually endless.”

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