MForce develops fused multi-biometric and biographic capability

Human Recognition Systems
Human Recognition Systems

Human Recognition Systems

Building on the established MForce identification platform, Human Recognition Systems (HRS) has developed a world leading fused multi-biometric and biographic intelligence capability.  This signifies an important step change in identity management delivering actionable, accurate, ‘on the move’ intelligence for the police, military and other government departments.

Developed as a leading edge open architecture Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), MForce is now able to combine match scores across multiple biometric modalities, to improve the certainty of a person’s identity.  This means that poor quality or incomplete biometric data can be drawn on to yield highly accurate results.  The system also combines biographic and contextual data searching to further increase positive match results and deliver rapid actionable intelligence.

Through our extensive work with government departments it is evident that all identity related information can hold significant value.  However, this data is not always captured in a consistent and high quality, standards compliant format which presents a big problem to traditional ABIS platforms.

In action, MForce enables a sub-standard latent print to be combined with poor quality CCTV images and geographic details to hone in on unique individuals.  This provides a more comprehensive picture of potential subjects in real time enabling quick, informed decision making.

The scalable architecture of MForce enables Human Recognition Systems to take full advantage of the latest innovations on the market providing a stable but flexible solution that allows for growth.  MForce is designed to allow customers the freedom of choice, without being locked to a single provider.  This is particularly important in specialist areas where collection devices for forensic intelligence gathering evolve very quickly.  Importantly, MForce packages and synchronises data in international standards compliant formats enabling inter-agency cooperation.

Neil Norman, CEO of Human Recognition Systems commented “The potential impact of fusion biometrics to government, civil and humanitarian bodies is significant.  Score level fusion provides more accurate results since it contains relevant and richer information about the captured biometric data.  We can therefore be more certain than ever before of an individual identity.  This type of key intel will prove to be of huge value when we consider the mission of bringing stability and economic growth to countries such as Libya.”


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