Meyertech wins the Bassetlaw Project control room refurb

News round-up: Meyertech - pioneers of VMS & PSIM for public security

Meyertech wins the Bassetlaw Project control room refurb

Meyertech, alongside Inspire Partner TIS, has successfully won the Bassetlaw Project. This will see the Public Space system modernised to Digital-IP as part of a complete control room refurbishment.

The project will incorporate a range of Meyertech’s FUSION products with FUSION-Eclipse at the heart of the solution. Directly integrated into the powerful VMS (Video Management Software) will be FUSION-Audit and FUSION-Expert, Meyertech’s latest instalment of their class-leading Information Management Software, delivering a flexible, cost effective CCTV package.

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FUSION-Eclipse's Intelligent Mapping gives users the ability to understand the space they are viewing instantly - which is fundamental to the task they are performing. With its new 3D Smartmapping capability FUSION-Eclipse enables users to react quickly and make accurate camera selection choices during emergencies and incidents.

Another major asset of any modern control room is the video wall. It's a resource which can be used by the whole control room team to manage incidents, oversee events and develop a structured workflow in a production environment by working more effectively and efficiently.

FUSION-Eclipse incorporates the latest in Network Video Storage solutions based on ONVIF Profile-G. This allows organisers to leverage their own internal IT infrastructure as an alternative to more traditional DVR and NVR CCTV methods as part of their overall IT strategy.

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FUSION-Expert is a self-sufficient CCTV information management platform, which solves the unique challenge of logging incidents in a busy control room environment. Expert employs a simple to use real-time interface, building upon the success of its predecessor, Expert delivers all of the previous functionality and capabilities plus so much more. It helps you to create, view and edit incident-logs quickly and efficiently, and with the assistance of powerful built-in search, filter and KPI tools it effortlessly produces information rich reports with just a few mouse clicks.

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