Meyertech: Congratulations Dublin Airport on 12 months of Success!

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Congratulations Dublin Airport on 12 months of Success!

In 2016 Dublin Airport was the fastest growing major airport in Europe, according to new figures released by ACI Europe. The growth delivered a new traffic record with passenger numbers rising by 11.5%. This saw almost 28 million passengers welcomed last year, making Dublin the leading performer among the top tier of European airports. To reach this success Dublin have employed a number of key infrastructure improvements to maximise customer satisfaction and safety. One of these improvements was the modernisation of their CCTV platform.

Over the last 2 years the Dublin Airport Authority have been busy bringing their security solutions to the leading-edge standard. At Meyertech we like to work alongside forward thinking organisations who want to develop and work more efficiently, we were happy to help Dublin update their CCTV environment. During this time Meyertech developed a single unified CCTV IP based solution, replacing the existing analogue infrastructure in Terminal 1 and integrating it with the existing CCTV IT network in Terminal 2.

By moving to a unified solution Dublin not only reduced on-going support and maintenance costs, but was also able to provide significant savings in infrastructure expenses. Now with the capabilities of its system extended; access control systems, legacy PTZ cameras, video monitor walls and building management systems can be integrated directly into the solution.

Since 2015, Dublin Airport has seen over 200 new cameras added to its system. To accommodate these new additions Dublin has expanded their monitor wall to increase active video feeds and display live operational statistics. The display now highlights how effectively the airport is being operated through key performance indicators such as: passenger management, baggage handling and flight timings.

With these new improvements Dublin Airport continues to grow, with Meyertech looking forward to continuing its support in current and future expansions. Meyertech’s VMS and monitor wall technologies will be showcased at the British-Irish Airports Expo on June 7-8th at the NEC Birmingham.

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