MENA Summit to address changing landscape of digital risks

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Crispin Webster, MENA security and business continuity manager at Deutsche Bank, will discuss the evolution and complexity of digital risks and cyber-attacks at the MENA Business Infrastructure Protection 2013 Summit.

Due to the rapid technological advances businesses are collecting data and aggregating information at a phenomenal scale which leads to rise of new forms of attack and a variety of new risks. Some of them such as operational, financial and reputation risks, cause a serious and sometimes irreversible loss for all the affected companies.

In the 21st century, the cyber-society is exposed to more complex risks from attackers with more powerful capabilities and diverse motivations. Crispin Webster, MENA Security and Business Continuity Manager at Deutsche Bank, who is responsible for the protective security of all bank staff and assets, will be joining the MENA Business Infrastructure Protection 2013 Summit to elaborate on different aspects of potential risks that the MENA region holds.

In addition, the Head of Information Security and Compliance at Dubai Government Entity will be delivering a presentation on the use of security information and analytics as actionable intelligence. He will explain how to use external security intelligence and threat analysis for securing systems and data protection. This will be followed by the presentation from the Senior Analyst and Acting Head of IT Security at Government of Dubai who will be analysing instruments set in place to protect the flow of information within the company.

The Head of Business Continuity and Disaster Recover from Saudi Aramco will present, focusing on the recent cyber-attack and its impact on the company’s operations. Moreover, he will also explain how the company kept oil production running on schedule throughout the incident.

Those wishing to attend can benefit from a 15% discount on the fee if the booking is made before the 31st October. IRN’s MENA Business Infrastructure Protection 2013 Summit will take place in Dubai on the 4th – 5th of December 2013.

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