MENA Business Infrastructure Protection Summit – The Syria Effect

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The implications of the recent situation in Syria are to be analysed at the MENA Business Infrastructure Protection Summit in Dubai from 4-5 December 2013.

The news has been dominated by the tragic revelation that chemical attacks in a rebel-held district on the outskirts of Damascus are estimated to have killed between 300 and 1,300 people. These attacks have provoked strong international condemnation and it appears that military action by the international community in reaction to these atrocities could take place in the coming days and weeks.

Dr Theodore Karasik, the Director of Research and Development at INEGMA will be speaking about “the Syria Effect”, shedding light on a situation that is at present one of the biggest threats to security in the Middle East and globally, and also of grave concern to international businesses operating across the MENA region.

Since its foundation in 2001, INEGMA has been a strategy and security consultancy and research house which aims to enhance knowledge and awareness around strategic defence and security issues amongst leaders and people of the Middle East region.

Dr Karasik’s presentation will elaborate on impact that latest actions and retaliations could have for Syria, its neighbouring countries and the wider Middle East’s economic, cyber and physical security. It is a crucially important for all concerned with security in the region to be discussing and actively planning at this time; the MENA Business Infrastructure Protection 2013 Summit will provide delegates with the ideal forum to do this, in order to enhance their knowledge on the specific security considerations for organisations operating across the Middle East.

The Head of Business Continuity and Disaster Recover from Saudi Aramco, will also be delivering a presentation on the recent cyber-attack and its impact on the company’s operations. Moreover, he will also explain how the company kept oil production running on schedule throughout the incident.

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