Maxxess VisitorPoint allows visitor management upgrade for single-site and multi-site users


VisitorPoint from Maxxess is a smart visitor management solution that offers an easy but powerful upgrade for a wide range of users.


For those needing to replace a basic signing-in book for the first time VisitorPoint is an attractive, user-friendly solution with a choice of useful features.  And for larger organisations looking for a multi-site visitor management solution, it provides control and audit features that are future proof, flexible, and designed to complement security, fire and building management operations.


It can be integrated with Maxxess software and eFusion range of modules, or adapted with a customised integration, plus it allows users to manage everything from visitor pre-registration, to SMS notification, identity verification and car park occupancy.


Putting more control in the hands of front-of-house teams, VisitorPoint allows pre-registered visitors to be viewed any time in advance. Visitor badges can be pre-printed for a smoother and more efficient welcome, and sign-in for large groups can be managed in seconds.


Visitors check themselves in easily and efficiently using either an iPad or the VisitorPoint free standing touch-screen kiosk.  The pre-registered visitor’s details are confirmed when they enter a reference code, passport number, QR code or any specified ID. A photo can be taken with the iPad or kiosk, printed onto the badge and/or saved to record. Visitors can also be asked to read and sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA), health and safety or safeguarding instructions on screen,


The allocation and control of visitor car parking also becomes much more efficient as specific spaces can be easily assigned to specific vehicles in advance. Automatic email notifications and/or SMS messaging reduce the burden on front-of-house staff, with employees automatically alerted when their visitors arrive. The system can be set up so that both hosts and visitors receive a friendly reminder text ahead of the visit, at check in and at check out. Useful information such as directions and meeting details can be added.  Hosts can also check out a visitor, helping front-of-house staff to maintain up-to-date site occupancy records.


For enhanced security, alerts can be sent when a visitor forgets to check out, or when a pre-specified visit is due. For senior security managers real time reports can be generated to show who is currently on site, where they are authorised to visit, as well as who been on site during any given timeframe.


The smart VisitorPoint badge printer allows individual badge customisation so that details can be easily changed and added – for example with wi-fi codes, meeting room details and specific courtesy messages.  This feature also makes it ideal for multiple tenancy sites, with individual badge branding and messaging available to each tenant.


“VisitorPoint is a highly flexible solution that can be used for both single and multiple sites,” says Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA. “It allows a practical, easily managed upgrade from more basic solutions and it can be easily adapted to the organisation’s changing requirements in future years.”


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