Maxxess launch next gen mobile workforce solutions at IFSEC 2016

Maxxess launch next gen mobile workforce solutions at IFSEC 2016

Maxxess launch next gen mobile workforce solutions at IFSEC 2016

Visitors to IFSEC International got a first look at the future of mobile workforce solutions with Maxxess launching new ambit and eFusion apps to enable more efficient management of workforce processes from security to employee engagement.

New products include ambitPulse, a private managed messaging and analytics tool designed to improve employee engagement via dynamic two-way communications to track how colleagues feel about different aspects of work and the workplace. ambitPulse will enable more effective internal communication, support change initiatives and create a better connected, more secure workforce, backed by detailed reporting and clear accountability.

ambitPulse combines cost-effective cloud-based messaging with measurable operational and security benefits across every level of the enterprise. Easy to deploy and use, it can connect an organisation to its employees; a college and its students; hospital to its patients; landlord and its tenants; club with its members; and many similar scenarios.

Maxxess is also extending the reach of its open-systems eFusion security platform with new eMobile solutions that equip operations and security teams to manage real-time events, verify authorisation status and validate procedures remotely via smartphones and mobile devices. The solutions will make it easier to remotely manage processes such as access control; surveillance; task assignment; health and safety; and asset tracking more cost-effectively.

The new suite of eMobile modules for eFusion includes capabilities to:

• Verify the presence and number of staff, contractors, visitors and deliveries on site
• Manage staff transport with check-in/check-out features to account for all passengers
• Validate vehicles and drivers moving on and off-site
• Monitor the movement of personnel on and off an estate, including electronic log in
• Verify staff time and attendance at work or on remote sites
• Control manned guard tours, schedules and emergency mustering.

eFusion is a highly versatile, modular security platform that gives organisations the flexibility to scale as their business grows. Its open technology software supports more than 50 off-the-shelf integrations. This provides the freedom to integrate surveillance, access control, fire and intruder systems from top security vendors with back office operations, with less cost and complexity than conventional physical security information management (PSIM) solutions.

Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEA, said:

“Convergence of mobile, monitoring and distributed technologies is creating new opportunities, whether getting closer to employees or running security and routine operations more efficiently. Where once anything security-related was seen as something of a grudge purchase, the ability to mobilise and derive more value from technologies such as remote monitoring is putting security at the heart of the enterprise. This in turn offers multiple benefits, including better reporting, improved business intelligence and 24/7 accountability for people and assets, so helping to improve efficiency, increase productivity and drive more value into the business.”

He continued:

“ambitPulse and our eMobile solutions will have wide application, from security and operations teams to facilities, HR and senior management across all industry sectors, enabling our customers to maximise protection for people and property while reducing costs, raising return on investment and gaining competitive advantage.”

To find out more about the the new ambit and eFusion solutions, please email or visit the website by clicking below.

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