Matrix product showcase

Matrix SATATYA NVR24P is a 24 channel enterprise-grade Network Video Recorder designed for performance and reliability that organizations expect from a professional video surveillance solution. It offers a wide range of functions, features and flexibility to suit any need of diverse types of organizations. SATATYA NVR24P along with centralized video management application and mobile client form a comprehensive and end-to-end video surveillance solution. These thoroughly engineered Matrix SATATYA NVRs not only strengthen security, but also enhance organization’s productivity and discipline.
Key Features:
Recording: Camera wise Manual and Scheduled Centralized Recording
Monitoring: 1 VGA, 2 HDMI
Management: Local CMS to Manage 5 NVRs without a Server
Audio: 1 Audio Input, 1 Audio Output
Playback and Search: Timeline and Event based Search
Inbuilt Storage: 2 Slots for 8TB Storage
Storage Retention: Define Camera wise Data Storage Days
Backup: Scheduled and Manual backup to NAS/FTP and USB
Alarm: 8 Alarm Inputs, 4 Alarm Outputs
Alert Notification: Calling a Responsible Person in case of any Event from the Mobile Viewer
Network: 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports for 130Mbps Throughput
Bandwidth Optimization: Dual Streaming for Viewing and Recording
Integration: Ethernet based Integration with Matrix Access Control
Interopreability: Onvif 2.0 and Above

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