Matrix opts for company-wide lean process implementation

matrix-systems-logoAccess control and security management specialist Matrix Systems has announced plans to implement new strategies to increase efficiency in manufacturing and R&D, and to further improve customer service.

With demand for Matrix Systems’ access control and security management solutions growing at a rapid pace, the incorporation of Lean processes throughout its business structure ensures continued growth and success.

Matrix Systems launched the Lean initiative with a company-wide training that included all employees both local and remote followed immediately by a Value Stream Mapping exercise to improve customer proposal accuracy and lead time. A paradigm shift has taken place at the more than 30-year-old company, moving from traditional manufacturing practices to a culture that embraces continuous improvement to realize tangible benefit at all levels of its business. The Lean process is being applied to data sharing and work flows throughout the sales, finance and manufacturing divisions within the Matrix organization.

The comprehensive initiative will allow Matrix to have a sustained competitive advantage and achieve its aggressive strategic goals. It plans to move forward with the following programs to meet current and future growth objectives:

  • Develop a Lean transformation plan
  • Apply the basic Lean tool kit including fundamentals based on the Toyota Production System
  • Cultivate tools and techniques to sustain critical performance metrics
  • Implement advanced training
  • Complete a performance evaluation of skill sets

“Our goal is to continue to put our customers first and to improve quality, efficiency and value by using Lean as the foundation for the company,” said Holly Tsourides, CEO, Matrix Systems. “The various Lean methods will touch every aspect of our business to improve responsiveness and increase throughput while the overall strategy will spearhead development of a set of common tools and language to successfully accomplish our growth objectives.”

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