Master Lock introduces secure bluetooth padlocks

Master Lock introduces secure bluetooth padlocks

Master Lock introduces secure bluetooth padlocks

Master Lock has become the first security specialist to unveil Bluetooth padlocks combining keyless entry, shared access and no numerical codes, backed by the latest technology and their 100 years of trusted expertise.

The award winning Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks provide essential peace of mind in countless situations at home, work, or on the move, and use your smartphone or tablet to secure possessions via a simple app, eliminating the hassle of lost keys or forgotten combinations.

Time-limited access to cellars, gates, garages, lockers, sheds, storage units or shared bike and stroller rooms is just a digital invite away for friends, family or delivery drivers thanks to the free Master Lock® Vault eLocks app, featuring military-grade authentication and encryption.

The app also has you covered in case someone tries tampering with your lock, the battery is running low, or you want to view an activity history. Meanwhile, a directional keypad is on hand should your smartphone or tablet be unavailable or stored away in a locker.

A byword for ‘padlock’ in the United States, Master Lock could be the biggest brand you’ve never heard of. A global leader and innovator in security solutions, the company also invented the original laminated padlock and the first dial combination padlock.

This legendary heritage and continued pursuit of excellence ensures the new indoor and water resistant outdoor padlocks offer the highest levels of strength, reliability and functionality of any Bluetooth model on the market.

Rebecca Smith, Vice President, marketing for Master Lock said:

“Our Bluetooth Smart Padlocks offer greater speed, ease of use and control to deliver a new level of security, access, and freedom in portable padlocks. By turning your smartphone into a key, this product provides a cutting edge combination of security and convenience.”

“Master Lock strives to develop fresh, innovative products that provide consumers with exceptional security, convenience and peace of mind. The Bluetooth Smart Padlocks pair our brand’s safety and security expertise with new technology to deliver a totally new experience in a portable security product.”

The indoor Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock is priced from £69 and an enhanced outdoor version from £89. Both are available now from Master Lock and leading retailers.

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