Marwan Khoury, MEA Marketing Manager for Axis Communications, talks about Intersec 2014

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Marwan Khoury, Marketing Manager, MEA, Axis Communications

Ahead of Axis Communication’s participation at Intersec 2014 SecurityNewsDesk has spoken to Marwan Khoury, Marketing Manager, MEA, to find out what has drawn the industry leader to Intersec for the last 14 years and why the exhibition is so successful.

How long has Axis been participating in Intersec?

The Axis brand has been represented at Intersec via our channel partners since 2000 and we started participating directly in  2007.

Why do you think the exhibition has become such a leading light in the industry?

Dubai as a commercial hub in the region and a facilitator of excellent trade shows certainly plays a role in the success of the exhibition, and I believe that Intersec is a reflection of the market’s size, potential and high level of demand for the adoption of the latest global offerings.

 What unique opportunities does Intersec offer Axis? 

It is the largest and only true global security show of its kind in the region which offers Axis a platform to showcase our offerings to the industry and the wide range of industry segments that we cater to.

What do you think are the top issues, challenges or talking points in the industry at the moment, and what do you think an exhibition like Intersec 2014 will contribute to these?

Video intelligence is a hot topic – how to incorporate them with video solutions to reduce human error is becoming on the forefront of challenges.

Another topic is that we are seeing new entrants in the market, especially in the small and medium sized installations. As many of them do not have professional security teams, the IT teams have taken the lead in exploring and implementing security solutions so we are working closely with our partners to best educate the market and produce user friendly products that integrate best with the other elements of a system.

What product that you are demonstrating in January are you the most excited about?

Being an innovative company, we constantly introduce new products to the market. We’ll be showing more than 70 cameras this year so it is hard to narrow it down to a few. There are cameras available for all sorts of installations and segment types. The thing with we are really excited about is that we are welcoming six leading technology partners offering a wide variety of solutions from storage to analytics to give the visitor a more complete understanding of what a world class surveillance solution  looks like.

What are you most looking forward to at the 2014 event?

We are all looking forward to meeting with our partners and end customers, as always, and to use the event as a recruitment platform to familiarise new partners and customers to the Axis brand. We are also very excited to have our co-founder Martin Gren join us at our stand this year.

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