Manufacturer employs HD surveillance to monitor health and safety

The UK manufacturer Salop Design and Engineering is ensuring health and safety compliance across its Shrewsbury factory with a high-definition (HD) surveillance system.

The Shropshire-based firm, a leading manufacturer of metal pressing and assemblies in the UK, is utilising systems from video surveillance solutions provider Avigilon.

Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 2 MP to 5 MP monitor the exterior and interior of the plant, with up to 12 days of surveillance footage stored, and several dedicated cameras are permanently fixed on high-capacity machines to ensure target production rates.

Salop Design and Engineering also deploy a HD 5 MP camera to monitor the main entrance and 100,000 square foot parking area. The system captures the number-plates of all vehicles entering the site.

The surveillance footage is monitored using Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) with High-Definition Stream Management and Salop directors are also capable of monitoring the system remotely via iPhones through ACC Mobile.

Salop Design and Engineering hope the new surveillance system can help ensure health and safety procedures are adhered throughout the site, with the footage also capable of being used as a training tool to teach procedures and prevent future accidents.

In the case of an incident, footage can be used for investigative purposes within minutes of the event to protect materials and reduce any risk from theft, damage or health and safety abuses.

The Avigilon HD 2 MP cameras placed on high-capacity machines are designed to monitor productivity and measure target run rates with view to effectively investigating production delays and offsetting possible losses.

Christopher Greenough, director of production at Salop Design and Engineering, said the implementation of the Avigilon surveillance system is “critical in our business which is heavily regulated from a health and safety point of view”.

Bryan Schmode, executive vice-president of global sales at Avigilon, added: “With heavy equipment running at high-capacity to meet growing customer demand, Salop Design and Engineering required a cost-effective surveillance solution to monitor activity across its 80,000 square foot facility.

“The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system delivers the superior image quality, intuitive management software, and robustness Salop Design and Engineering needs to ensure health and safety compliance, and better protect valuable metal materials stored on onsite.”

A previous Avigilon project in Shropshire saw the firm implement a high-definition surveillance system at Telford College of Arts and Technology in November 2012 to safeguard students and create a safe and secure learning environment for the college community.


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