Maastricht City keeps track of traffic using Axis cameras


The City of Maastricht needs to control and manage traffic flows in and around the city efficiently. The cameras previously used for this have been replaced by an integrated monitoring system based on Axis network cameras.


Working with Axis partner Arkasis (, the City of Maastricht has developed and implemented a fiber optic central monitoring system for Axis network cameras located at traffic lights. Images from the cameras are processed centrally on a special server in the data center at city council offices. From the control center, current and slightly older images can be viewed centrally from workplaces or via iPads. The images can also be made available to external parties, such as the police or the public.


The central monitoring system gives Maastricht a fully integrated solution for viewing traffic situations in real time. This forms a good basis for taking suitable action and assessing the effects of this action. The new environment is also flexible and scalable enough to allow other practical applications to be implemented quickly. For example, showing the progress of the large-scale construction project for the A2 tunnel on a public website, making time-lapse films, or installing special telesoftware (Cognimatics software) for monitoring bicycle traffic to and from the historic city centre.

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Axis Maastricht City Case Study

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