Luminite supplies RF wireless communications to Optex

Luminite, manufacturer of Genesis wireless PIR detection systems, now supplies radio-frequency (RF) transmitter modules to Optex Europe. The modules are used to enable wireless communications in the Optex SIP WF PIR detector range. Luminite is widely acknowledged as the industry leader in wireless PIR systems for event-driven CCTV, having developed the technology for its own Genesis range. The supply agreement is a further endorsement of Luminite’s place in the market.

“Optex has a significant share of UK PIR detector sales,” explains Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite. “Supplying transmitter modules to Optex is not only recognition of the quality and robust nature of our RF wireless systems, but also an acceptance that wireless PIR technology is now an important and growing part of the professional, intruder detection market.

“Wireless detectors are much quicker to install than traditional, hard-wired systems and have less risk of error. They don’t require power or communication cable connections, so can be positioned on a site perimeter facing inwards, without incurring expensive civil work. The advantage of perimeter mounting is a compelling reason to use wireless PIRs as it significantly reduces the risk of false alarms from detection “overspill” and sunlight reflections.”

Luminite has developed its wireless transmitter module to fit inside Optex’s SIP housings. Critical alarm and tamper data, including intrusion detection, anti-shock and anti-cloaking are separately identifiable from system management alerts, like low PIR battery strength and weak wireless signals. PIR system intelligence of this type significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of CCTV systems, whilst further reducing the likelihood of false alarms.

A total of 64 Optex SIP PIRs can be used in each wireless system, when used with Luminite Masthead receivers. The wireless communication distance extends up to 1km and includes compatibility with all accessories in Luminite’s Genesis range, including enabling IP connectivity to CCTV control systems.

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