Luminite Masthead IP Configurator software now available for download


LuminiteLuminite, manufacturer of Genesis wireless PIR detection systems, has made its Masthead IP Configurator software available for download from its website. Uniquely, the PIRs within the Genesis system can be triggered by 8 different types of site events, including detection (of an intruder), tamper, cloak, shock, battery low, missing (detector), Masthead tamper and Masthead jamming. The Masthead IP Configurator software allows operators to configure systems of up to 64 PIRs, each with the 8 event types, simply and quickly. The events from each PIR are then mapped to the video channels within a CCTV system and the response to each event defined.

Genesis wireless PIRs are connected by RF communications to an IP Masthead receiver which controls the system. The Masthead IP Configurator software is operated by a PC, or by particular brands of CCTV control equipment, accessing the IP Masthead remotely for configuration. A simple, Windows-style, graphic user interface makes the mapping of events and subsequent actions extremely straight forward to set up.

Typical functionality includes designating three email addresses to receive automated alerts triggered by events. Key holders or system operators, for example, can be notified of critical events such as a detection or tamper from a particular PIR, whilst an installer may only need to be notified of a low battery. The detection or tamper event can be used to trigger site alarms and sirens, or even instigate a police call-out, whereas the low battery event would simply request a routine maintenance visit.

Sites using Genesis IP PIR detection systems can easily update the IP Masthead firmware using the Configurator software and take full advantage of this comprehensive, new functionality.


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