Luminite launches BoundaryShield wireless IR beam detectors

BoundaryShield Heads

Luminite Electronics have introduced BoundaryShield, a battery powered, wireless, active IR beam range, which works in conjunction with its well-established, Genesis PIR detector system.

The beams create an “invisible” fence around a site perimeter or across a gateway or corridor. They trigger alarms when the beam’s IR detection line is broken by an intruder or vehicle. Relay outputs can be used to create a physical alarm or raise a barrier; site key-holders can be emailed or warned; CCTV system recording can be triggered; and remote operators can be alerted, such as at a central monitoring station.

BoundaryShield has a modular design for simple system configuration and installation. Each wireless, battery powered Beam Head unit transmits alarm data to a Genesis Masthead receiver from up to 1km away. The Beam Head units, supplied in pairs, can be used as standalone detectors for mounting on walls or posts and come with 60m or 100m detection ranges. Single direction towers, for wall mounting, allow detection in one direction. The double sided towers, for free-standing applications, allow detection in two directions. Tower heights are 1.75m, which incorporates one pair of Beam Heads per detection direction, and 3m tall, which incorporate two pairs of Beam Heads per direction.

BoundaryShield Towers“Luminite’s BoundaryShield beam detectors can accurately sense intruders across a 100m span,” explains Graham Creek, MD at Luminite. “We use advanced radio communications to enable up to 64 Beam Heads to communicate with a Masthead transceiver in exactly the same way as our Genesis PIR system. The beams are ideal for use at large sites without fenced perimeters or at gateways for barrier control. No cabling is needed to install the BoundaryShield system, so it can be mounted quickly and easily on a site perimeter, with no civil works.”

The BoundaryShield has front access for easy, on-site fitting and adjustment. The case is IP 65 rated for external use and made from tough, weather-proof ABS. Battery life is up to 2 years, using standard Alkaline cells, depending on settings and location. Lithium cells extend battery life further. The BoundaryShield can also take power from a 12v PSU, instead of batteries, if preferred.

Contact Luminite on 020 8368 7887 or visit for more information.

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