Luminite launch new and improved Genesis 2 PIR detector

Luminite Electronics has introduced its new and improved Genesis 2 PIR detector.
The detector comes in both wireless and hard wired versions and a number of improvements have been made, foremost of which is the new LED display which will make it quick and easy to programme the unit. This replaces the old DIP switches, so functions such as transmission range and sensitivity can now be much more easily adjusted.

The new version also boasts improved detection with a 90° rotation arm allowing the unit to look sideways along a perimeter fence or wall.
The hard-wired version now has a provision to fit a temporary transmitter module which will allow it to be accurately walk tested.
Last but not least, the new version can be set to operate from Alkaline or Lithium batteries, a distinct advantage for export markets where, for example Lithium batteries are more suitable in colder climates.
All of these improvements, along with the existing features of Genesis 2 such as revolutionary black mirror optics, long battery life and 60m range, mean that Genesis 2 is now one of the best performing PIR detectors available on the market today.
For more information please contact Luminite on 0208 368 7887 or email


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