Luminite introduces new range of LED illuminators.

Illume Double WL_angle
Illume Double WL_angle

Illume Double WL_angle

The ILLUME range of IR and White Light, LED illuminators, from UK-based manufacturer Luminite, fulfills most of the lighting requirements of event-driven CCTV applications. Operating in conjunction with many leading CCTV manufacturers’ cameras, the ILLUME range helps to produce clear video at night. Brightness levels can be adjusted to suit short and long-distance illumination requirements. For short distances, light intensity can be reduced to avoid image “white-out” or over exposure in cameras. The intensity can then be increased for longer distances, where greater illumination is needed.

The ILLUME WL, white light series, comprises 3 units with viewing angles and illumination ranges of 10° by 50m, 30° by 30m and 60° by 15m. The ILLUME IR, infra-red series, also comprises 3 units, but this time with viewing angles and illumination ranges of 10° by 100m, 30° by 60m and 60° by 30m.

The entire range of ILLUME products comes in robust, IP67 rated, high-quality, weatherproof housings. Single, double and triple mounting brackets are available, enabling narrow and wide angle settings for the double and triple.

The ILLUME range is extremely energy efficient, keeping running costs to a minimum. The IR range only draws up to 25W and the white light range draws up to 50W. Both the IR and WL have a 5 year warranty, testament to their quality and reliability.



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